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I am in nursing school and I have no cna experience and I am in clinicals for med surg. I get nervous when I am taking care of patients, and I am slow at reaction and thinking. Is there any advice anyone can give me. I am trying to go to open lab and practice would that be a good idea?


I have the same problem. I entered nursing school with zero patient interaction skill and no CNA skills. You could definitely see the difference between those who had been CNA's or had other jobs where they worked with patients vs those who didn't. I had to hone my skills during clinicals and the worst part was my clinicals did not offer me many experiences to get the technical stuff down thats sure to pop up once I start practicing. My advice is to hone what you can during clinicals and definitely take full advantage of the skills lab. Being comfortable with patients will come with experience as will thinking / reacting quickly. Don't be to hard on yourself. It all comes with time and practice. í ½í¸

Future nurse said it well.

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If you have no experience I suggest you stay late in the lab and practice.

When it came to assessments I got a big doll and treated that doll like I was assessing the patient (I bet if someone was looking through the window they would of thought I was crazy). If you have an opportunity to take blood pressures at a gathering then do it, if you have family to practice on then do it, if you have other students who are willing to help or in your shoes gather together and practice those step by step nursing instructions. The more hands on you get/practice the better you will fill. There is no easy way than practice and experience.

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