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  1. Batnursediva

    RN to Bsn courses

    Hello everyone. I’m Canadian and there are very few distance courses for RN to BSN here. I have seen a number of schools in the States have this course but can’t figure out how to tell if they are accepted in Canada. Does anyone know how to find a list of schools accredited by Canada that I can take online in the States? I spoke to my nursing association and they told me that it is my responsibility to find out the info. And the one school I contacted said that they didn’t know for sure but that they did have Canadian students. Help?!
  2. Batnursediva

    Have you ever worked as an allergy clinic nurse?

    I can tell you that I only lasted a few months working at an allergist’s office. It was the most boring job I’ve ever had. I gave allergy injections including bees, wasps etc. Did oral challenges and allergy testing. Spent 99% of the time standing around waiting for people I could stab. So if you have an option to get a job where there’s more to it, and you can move up go for it.
  3. Batnursediva

    Not adjusting to night shift

    I adjusted pretty easily, but I put a lot into it. My phone is off, I use a white noise machine that plays ocean waves, an eye mask that has rims on the inside so it doesn’t press on my eyes, and my clock has a blue background so it doesn’t interfere with sleeping. I need tons of sleep. My family knows only to wake me if it’s serious. I get through the night like any other shift by finishing what must be done and then finding things to do. I also eat well on my break. My problem is that we only get one day off between groups of shifts so not enough recovery time.