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Hi everyone. I am an RN. I have been working in LTC for eight years now. Our DOC was gone for a year on maternity, her replacement was such a joy to work for. But now she’s back. Taking turns hauling us into the office. I was told by our temp DOC that they consider me one of the strongest nurses in the building. But our DOC actually had me crying and I had to go on a few weeks of stress leave. Yesterday one of our nurses called me crying and I realized that instead of looking for another job that we should report the DOC. But who do we report it to? The head office? I’m quite nervous about making things worse so I don’t want to make a misstep. And will they care? When I snivel that our DOC is mean?


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You need to document incidents and keep copies. If you bring your concerns forward present them calmly and don't exaggerate. I would also look for another job 

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