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  1. Does anyone know if fresno state mainly looks at your pre reg GPA or your overall GPA as well when applying?
  2. desiree_b

    NOC Shift CNA

    I'm a cna in a convalescent home and I'm going to start working noc shift(10pm to 6am). So I was wondering, do any of you know what cna' s do during the noc shift in a convalescent home?
  3. desiree_b

    CNA before RN

    Does anyone know if working as a cna increases your chances of getting accepted into a nursing program? Particularly the nursing programs near or in fresno,ca?
  4. desiree_b

    Nursing program help

    Hello, my major is nursing and I wanted to know if any of you know any nursing programs(adn or bsn) near me? Besides fresno State and city. I live in fresno, ca.