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I'm a cna in a convalescent home and I'm going to start working noc shift(10pm to 6am). So I was wondering, do any of you know what cna' s do during the noc shift in a convalescent home?

After we clocked in and put our stuff away, we walked down the hall and peeked in rooms to see that all was well with the residents and everyone was accounted for. We walked in and checked that the windows were closed and locked (a female resident had been assaulted by an intruder). By the time we returned to the nurses station, the nurses had usually received report and were ready to give us our assignments and report. This included the list of vital signs for medicare charting. One CNA would go down the hall taking the vital signs. They would turn those in to the nurse. Then s/he would join the second CNA already engaged in doing the first round. A tray table had been set up covered with a towel, a basin of hot/warm water, stack of washcloths, etc. Each resident would be approached and checked. Incontinent residents would be cleaned and their bedding changed. Continent residents would be accompanied to the restroom if ambulatory and they were awake and needed toileting. When first round completed, CNA's retire to their hangout and watch for call lights, and take turns answering the call lights. Two hours later, do rounds again. Final rounds in the morning, take wash cloths to residents in the morning so they could wash their faces with warm water. Do any vitals, pass out clean water pitchers with ice, or other tasks requested by the nurses. Throughout the shift, watch for call lights and answer as appropriate. Assist the nurses with any resident care, such as turning the resident when the nurses did their own skin assessments. That pretty much covers it.


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