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cmag_17 has 3 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Mother/Baby.

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    Covid and family

    Hello, I live in CA and went on maternity leave a week before the stay at home orders started and will be going back in August. I guess my question is are nurses with families doing anything differently before going home? I have my husband and 3 kids at home and have been so nervous. I work on a mother/baby floor and hear from my coworkers that we do have Covid positive patients. Also nurses, cnas, and other staff on my floor have been positive with Covid. Unfortunately I can’t extend my leave any longer. Just looking for some advice on what you all do to decrease the risk to your families. Also I don’t mean to sound ridiculous since obviously working in this pandemic was an adjustment for everyone. I’m only asking because everyone has about 4 months more of experience in it than I do. I have high risk family members and unfortunately there is nothing I can do to completely avoid them. also sorry if this was already discussed. I tried scrolling but I was getting too anxious and thought I would just ask.

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