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  1. Hello, are you eligible to get certified as a case manager with experience from Case management/Delegation Nurse (DDA setting)? Thanks
  2. York college of PA MSN programs anyone ?

    Hello as anyone applied to the NP programs at York College of PA please? Anyone attended the school before ? TIA
  3. UMUC

    Did you find out about the program?
  4. Anyone attended Mount Marty PMHNP program?

    Hello I'm looking to hear from NP students who have attended Mount Marty college in SD please. Thanks in advance...
  5. Boise State RN-BSN

    So did you end up completing the program? If so, in how long?
  6. BSU RN to BSN

    Hello, im interested in the BSU RN-BSN, Im waiting to sit for my NCLEX, is it possible to have my transcripts evaluated before I take my nclex? How does anyone who recently completed the program liked it ?
  7. Hello, I'm a new ADN grad from MA and instead of applying for initial licensure in MA I decided to apply for initial licensure in MD. But reading all these horrors stories about the MBON made me reconsider my choice. My school has sent all our paper...
  8. Capella RN-BSN Flexpath-My experience

    @pmabraham hello , does Capella has any group projects? What's the capstone about? Any paper which involves research in the community? Thank you !
  9. Boise State University online RN to BSN

  10. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Do you know if they provide preceptor?
  11. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    I'm still in the ASN program and I will graduate in May. I guess I missed the priority deadline in November 1st. Maybe I will apply in Nov. 2019 when I'm done with NCLEX.
  12. Monmouth University

    Thank you very much for the info ! You may be done by now I think ....I will be emailing you soon.
  13. Monmouth University

    Did you have a non nursing bachelor degree? In thinking of applying for the bridge program.
  14. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Do you have to submit GRE scores to for ASN to MSN ? I'm interested into their ASN-MSN program
  15. Wilkes MSN PMHNP Spring 2019

    Anyone got in for ADN-PMHNP? Do you need to have statistics course prior to starting?