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Has the MBON became any faster in license processing?

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I'm a new ADN grad from MA and instead of applying for initial licensure in MA I decided to apply for initial licensure in MD. But reading all these horrors stories about the MBON made me reconsider my choice. 

My school has sent all our paperwork to the MA BON. I can still sit for the MA BON if I change my mind. Im till waiting for the background paper in the mail from the MD BON. They email me an automated mesage stating it could take up to 15 days, my classmate have received their ATT already, we graduated on May 23rd. Im planning to sit for the MA NCLEX instead but does transferring my license be an easier process? Or will they still need to send me background forms thru the mail ?

Im pretty confused. Plus it will cost more money to be licensed in MA and MD.


Please advise.

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