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cerejanebellum has 13 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Emergency/Education.

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  1. cerejanebellum

    EMR help!!! Staying on paper vs. EMR

    thanks spongecake! i'm on the team implementing an EMR in the emergency dept... it's been mandated by the gov't that we keep our traumas and arrests on paper... but i agree, i want everything else to be electronic. if you are caring for an unstable patient and multiple nurses are providing simultaneous care, how do you chart that? one recorder? does everyone "sign" somehow? or does everyone chart everything they've done after the fact?
  2. cerejanebellum

    EMR help!!! Staying on paper vs. EMR

    Hi All.. For those of you who use electronic documentation, is there a time/instance when you stay on paper, ie for really unstable patients? In our organization, we are new to E documentation, and it's been decided Trauma and Resuscitation patients will stay on paper, but we are trying to come up with criteria for patients who are unstable who need to stay on paper... also, do you have special forms for these type of patients or do you just go to downtime procedures?
  3. cerejanebellum

    Resus/Trauma charting in Meditech

    Hi friends :) Just wondering if any of you are working in departments currently using Meditech, and if you're using it to document Resus/Trauma situations. We have a triplicate paper form that has to be filled out for true arrests/traumas but what about very unstable patients (in Canada we'd call this CTAS 1 or 2)... would you still be on paper for those? How is it documenting in Meditech in the ER? I'm wondering if you've developed any good tips or insights? Happy Nursing :)