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  1. nursex23

    When to leave school?

    I've decided to leave school nursing - it's just not for me. I don't want to leave them without a nurse right now so I was planning on staying for the rest of the school year. I applied to a peds clinic for PRN with the hopes of going full time in the Summer and they contacted me. The recruiter said that my availability wouldn't work for PRN but if I wanted to I could go work for them full time. She said that I could contact her at the end of the school year or anytime before that and see what's available. It's one of those situations where the clinic job has better hours, better commute, higher pay, etc. I want to take it now but I'm really conflicted about the timing. I'm not under contract with the school but it feels wrong to leave them without a nurse while we are bringing kids back. Should I stick it out for a few more months or should I put myself first?
  2. nursex23

    Applying for a retail job

    I'm a school nurse for a district that is remote and will stay remote until at least mid-January. It's been very slow and I was thinking of applying for a seasonal job in retail. My question is how should I go about applying? Should I tell them that I'm a nurse on my application? I don't want them to toss me aside based on that but of course I don't want to lie either. Has anyone ever applied to a retail job being a nurse?
  3. nursex23

    Leukemia 504

    Thank you so much! Our district spent all Summer prepping for in person learning and last minute switched to remote. EVERYONE is unprepared and soooo many of our kids are falling behind. We (social workers and I) thought remote learning might be better for this student but they still need extra support. When you say documentation to prevent attendance triggers, do you mean a doctor's note excusing for fatigue so that anytime the student does not log on we have that note to excuse?
  4. nursex23

    Leukemia 504

    We are virtual but the student says they have a hard time even signing into the computer. I was told we won't do homebound tutoring because of covid. There's really no orders. I talked to the student and the hospital social worker and we identified a few accommodations ex. not having to turn their camera on, being excused from class on certain treatment days. Our school social worker and teachers said that they can accommodate in any way but even with these accommodations the student has not been attending class. We're going to have a 504 meeting but there's not much else I can think of to help.
  5. nursex23

    Leukemia 504

    Hi everyone! Has anyone on here ever had a 504 in place for a student with leukemia? What sort of accommodations were on there? What are some accommodations could be on there for virtual learning?
  6. nursex23

    BEDSIDE...run, don't walk!

    I left a year ago to work in a school. It's not the perfect job but it's 1000x better than working in a hospital, at least for me.
  7. nursex23

    C-EFM with no L&D experience

    I did not. I ended up finding something outside of L&D that works best for my family and me.
  8. nursex23

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    I would have stopped that teacher dead in his tracks and told him to stop saying that. I would have told him too, "even if you had more serious symptoms, you need to not be saying that." I feel BLESSED that the teachers at my school are not freaking out over the Coronavirus. I'm also in the Chicagoland area where a few cases have been reported and some students are freaking out a little but their teachers are educating them with info from the CDC. It's honestly one big joke at my school right now. Just this morning I saw a student sneeze and his friends said "keep your coronavirus to yourself!" Hopefully it stays this light and we can put this all behind us soon.
  9. nursex23

    3rd Party Lice Reports

    I tell other students that only a teacher can send me students to be checked so they can bring it up to the teacher discreetly if they are concerned. I also tell them that they should be careful talking about other students because they wouldn't like being the one people are talking about. I will ONLY check students if the student comes in requesting to be checked, a teacher sends them with a pass for this issue, or if a parent calls and asks me to check their OWN child. Could you imagine telling a student "your classmates are concerned you have lice" or just calling them down to check them without telling them why. I'm at a middle school and these kids already feel like everyone is talking about them. If I'm going to check them, it'll be because an adult in their life is concerned and I will explain that to them.
  10. nursex23

    50 school days left until Summer

    I have 56 more school days and 88 more sleeps until it's over.
  11. nursex23

    Gabriel Fernandez Docu-Series on Netflix

    The teacher did mention that there was a school nurse. It may have been a non licenced person to assist with small health issues and that may explain why the "nurse" didn't do anything. At least that's what I'd like to think happened there and there wasn't an RN shrugged it off. I really felt for that teacher. She wanted to do so much more but her principal didn't support her. I felt so bad at how she didn't really have any guidance on what to do. All of the teachers at my school are told not to call 911 until an administrator or the nurse is involved in the situation and agrees that 911 should be called. There may have been some kind of rule like this at that school and in this case the principal already said she did her part by reporting. All the more reason a nurse should be in every school. With the nature of those injuries, any nurse would have recognized that he needed to be removed from that home ASAP.
  12. nursex23

    Asthma, no inhaler, WWYD?

    It happens pretty often that students forget their inhalers (MS). Every time it's happened there was no distress, O2 sats were mid to high 90s, mild wheezing and every other time someone was able to bring the inhaler within a reasonable time. But yesterday I had a student who had some wheezing and chest tightness, O2 93-95% up to 98% with deep breathing. I called dad who said he will bring her inhaler. 30 mins go by, no dad no inhaler, no change in student. I called and he said 15-20 mins. 30 mins go by still no dad. I called for admin to bring me a Coke (it had worked for a previous student) and then I called dad with no answer. I had the secretaries calling him too with no luck for about an hour. She was stable to where I did not feel an ambulance was necessary but I wanted to call one anyway because she was going on 2 hours wheezing and chest tightness. Finally dad shows up. She takes her inhaler, we wait about 5 mins and O2 is up to 99%, clear lungs, no chest tightness. I was so frustrated because this whole thing took 2 hours where I was constantly assessing her for changes while other students are still coming in and out. Had I known it was going to be 2 hours I think I would have called for an ambulance just to get her help sooner. I'm also not going to give them Coke and send them to class because it's definatley not a replacement for their inhaler. What do you all think of this? Would you have called an ambulance?
  13. I would have just left for the day! You can't go back to work after that! I always let the secretaries know that I'm going on lunch but I'll be in my office so call if they need anything. Do you feel comfortable enough telling them when you're going to be pumping? I would just let them know "hey I'm going to be pumping in my office so please call if you need to get something from here." I'm so sorry this happened. Hopefully you all can come up with something that works for everybody!
  14. nursex23

    "do not rehire" list?

    Long story short I worked for a nursing home as as CNA when I was in college. I gave the ADON my availability which consisted of 6 different shifts throughout the week. I was part time so I had to work 3 shifts a week. I even indicated on my availability that I am open these 6 so pick any 3. The ADON scheduled me for all 6 shifts every week for the next few months. I even clarified with her that this is not what I meant but she said it's already in so I had to find coverage. This was 6 years ago and I now know how I should have handled it but instead I got coverage when I could, called off when I couldn't work and I found a new job. I could not get a hold of my DON so I told her over voicemail and then put my 2 weeks letter on her desk. Again, I know what I should have done differently. Anyway, that nursing home has since been bought by a larger system. I've applied to about 5 jobs since with no call back. I want to believe that it's because they are highly sought after roles and I meet the minimum qualifications but each time I applied, I had to indicate that I had previously worked for the health system that was bought out. I'm worried that I was put on a "do not rehire" list or that the new system sees that I would call in a lot or even worse, made it look like I was fired. Is there any way I would be able to know for sure?
  15. nursex23

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    Does anyone know of any sort of flow sheet that could visually guide everyone about what injuries do and don't need ice?
  16. nursex23

    Sick of nurses "referring" to our specialty

    Oh yeah I get that a lot. And "oh so you hand out band aids and kiss boo boos?" No, I spend all day explaining to kids why they don't need to put ice on everything.