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  1. Nebraska RN home health wages

    I just started working home health & get $45 per visit + mileage but mileage isn't paid on the 1st visit of every day and one of my patients is 45 miles out. No insurance, 401K, continuing ED reimbursement, phone, etc. I took this job just to mak...
  2. Probably, because they knew they were doing something wrong and want to keep other nurses blind to what's going on. However, no identifiers posted so they can't trace without hacking.
  3. school nurse or clinical instructor?

    That's very true. I think there's a lot of room for improvement in some aspects of nursing educarion.
  4. school nurse or clinical instructor?

    Because that person had very little experience and it was only in an out-patient dialysis unit. If clinical experience is all that's required to teach, why would schools require MSN's to teach RN's? The school was a for-profit one that charged 3 time...
  5. I just passed my NCLEX and I am confused about what to do. I have a job offer at a hospice that I would love to take, but my long-term goal is to teach. I have applied to many residencies, but haven't received a response yet. As I am much older than most new grads, I am wondering if I should skip the hospice job for now and wait for a residency position that starts in June/July. The only information I have been able to find on MSN programs is that they require at least 2 years of RN experience. They have not specified if the experience needs to be in a hospital setting. I do have 5 years of direct patient care experience as an EMT/Paramedic so there are many things I know about patient care, just not from an RN perspective. I worked on ambulance and not in the ER so I have no hospital setting experience. Any info will be greatly appreciated. 

  6. school nurse or clinical instructor?

    I know an ADN that got a job teaching in a private nursing school. I was horrified! My understanding is an MSN is required, at least at reputable schools.
  7. Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    I requested to see my records as a patient back in the early 90's. The nurses seemed upset by this, but I was allowed to see them. I wasn't checking up on the nurses, I was checking up on the doctors. Turned out I was right about my suspicions. Most ...
  8. Definitely consult an attorney. I wouldn't sign it. They have no right to your medical records.
  9. Huge Zoom Mistake....Nurse Instructors Caught!

    This is horrifying and should be reported immediately! Racist remarks have no place in today's society and these instructors need to be fired! The instructors are the ones that are not professional. My BP is off the charts reading this! The students ...
  10. New graduate moving to DFW

    JPS (John Peter Smith Hospital) also has residencies available in Fort Worth.
  11. Nursing School Acceptance

    I am 57 and have finally reached my last semester. I began my career in medicine when I was 19 working as an EMT and then paramedics. Back in those days, women were only just beginning to work in firehouses. Many years later, it is common to have wom...
  12. ADN Program of Spring 2020

    I applied to Brookhaven and Mountain View for Spring 2019 semester. I had 32.5 points for Brookhaven and did not even get an interview. I don't remember my exact points for Mountain View but I think it was maybe 13. I did get an interview with Mounta...
  13. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    I would take Mountain View over El Centro any day. El Centro supposedly made all kinds of changes since they got suspended but if you look at their website, they're still using the same screening criteria. They also could've told everybody that appli...
  14. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    We only know how many points we started with. The writing sample & interview also add or subtract points so nobody will ever know what their final scores were. I started with 17 points & I felt like I did really good on the interview but I di...
  15. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    Actually, my first choice was Brookhaven because it's closer to my house & it only takes 16 months to complete but I didn't have enough points. I also applied to Tarrant County & Mountain View & Mountain View was my 2nd choice because it'...
  16. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    Oh, I didn't know that. I was going off of the website that said they admitted 50 per semester. I was told my Prof Kinsey that a lot of people were lost in the first semester because of pharmacology on top of all the other classes.
  17. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    Good luck to all that got in for Spring 2019! I noticed that only about half of each class makes it to graduation. I have several nurses in may family and they all say nursing school is the most stressful thing they've ever been through. I can't imag...
  18. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    So strange, I got my email Sat night after 9 pm! I didn't get accepted but that's ok because I had already been accepted to Tarrant County. I would have preferred Mountain View for several reasons but I suppose God knows better than I do what is best...
  19. Spring 2019 TCC Nursing Student

    I got in for Spring 2019. I did not opt for the hybrid classes because I think online classes can be harder, depending on the subject. Does anybody know if a watch is mandatory or if we can use a clip on for the stethoscope or scrubs? I'm trying to g...
  20. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    No, several of us didn't get emails yet. But I read on the threads drom the last application period that they did the same thing so we just have to be patient.
  21. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    You could still get in if others turn down their acceptance. Since nursing is so hard to get into, your odds of getting in are better if you apply to several schools. I applied to 3 and it took me 2 whole years to get all the pre-reqs met for all 3. ...
  22. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    Hang in there, you could still get in.
  23. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    I got into another school but I'm hoping for Mountain View.
  24. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    J, so that's not it, lol I interviewed on the 22nd at 2 pm, maybe because we were toward the end of the interviews.
  25. Mountain View College Spring 2019

    Me too! I hope they're working overtime today or some of us will have to wait all weekend!