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nsoler has 3 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. Hi everyone, so I'm graduating in May 2021. I have received two job offers so far. One is from my local hospital for their nurse residency program. It is full time, I'm not sure of the hours and schedule yet, but I'm going to assume its 3-12 hour shi...
  2. nsoler

    New Grad LVN thinking of quitting. HELP!

    I'm never an advocate of quitting; mainly because I'm not a quitter and I cringe at the words "I'm starting another new job..." BUT QUIT! You are an LVN, you are valuable! And you can find another job quickly. I would never want anyone working in an ...
  3. nsoler

    St Luke's School Of Nursing

    I did apply but withdrew my application because I got accepted into LCCC's LPN to RN program. Wishing I didn't withdraw my application because I'm not liking the program I am in at all ? I hope you're enjoying your cohort and classes!
  4. nsoler

    I feel like I’m being targeted please help

    I'd look for other opportunities. After all, you're a nurse! There's so many jobs out there for you! Don't settle. Along with patient care, YOUR education should be on the top of your priority list.
  5. nsoler

    St Luke's School Of Nursing

    Hello, has anyone applied to St Luke's Health Network School Of Nursing in Bethlehem, PA as an LPN? If so, did you have to take some sort of exam for them to place you in a semester or does everyone have to apply the same and start on semester 1? Tha...
  6. nsoler

    Baylor Scott & White Requirement

    Does anyone know if Baylor, Scott & White require a BSN? Looking to move within a few years, I would like to know before I make such a huge decision. Thanks in advance!!!!
  7. nsoler

    Is hospital nursing an unbearably dirty job?

    Nailed it
  8. nsoler

    RN to BSN online?

    Hi, I'm currently in nursing school and I want to get a head start on looking for a BSN program. I was wondering, is an online program accredited/real? Are they scams or looked bad by employers? I would like to try and do as much as possible online. ...
  9. nsoler

    Am I Too Dumb For Nursing?

    Thank you for the encouragement! I doubt myself a lot and that's part of my problem. I stopped doing that and I have all As so far. I'm taking English and sociology. Next is A&P1 and English 2. Ive never been more focused on school like I am now....
  10. nsoler

    Am I Too Dumb For Nursing?

    Thank you, Queen Tiye! I have talked to my advisor and she reassured me I wasn't the only one that has done what I have done. She suggested I be serious about nursing this time around. And trust me when I say, I want to be a nurse, because I WANT T...
  11. nsoler

    Any nurses from University of Penn Hospital here?

    I get 85% at LVHN
  12. Im in the same boat as we speak. Nursing is what I have wanted to do since forever. I am feeling pretty disappointed in myself, and Ignoring everyone on here that shoot me down, but don't give up
  13. nsoler

    Am I Too Dumb For Nursing?

  14. nsoler

    Am I Too Dumb For Nursing?

    Hi, I'm 24, I have two children (Ages 3 and 2), I now work part time to go to school full time Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am working towards entering into the nursing program at my community college. Before I had my first kid, I enrolled into school...