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  1. Anthem Case Manager?

    Hey there! How did your interview go?? I am actually currently in the same boat, and was wondering if you ever found out more information?
  2. Hello, I am an RN who has been an emergency room nurse, dialysis nurse, OR nurse, and home health nurse. I currently am floating at a hospital between ER, OR, ICU, and Med/Surg. I feel incredibly burnt out and am seeking a change. I want a posi...
  3. Simmons FNP March 2020 Cohort

    Yay! That’s when I have to start the bio course. I am also very excited, but extremely nervous as well! And I don’t have to do the other refreshers, just bio!
  4. Simmons FNP March 2020 Cohort

    Lulu6781, I have to do the Bio-bridge course. That starts in January and lasts for 14 weeks. I have heard that it is very helpful and sets you up for the format of the rest of the classes, so I guess that's a plus.
  5. Simmons FNP March 2020 Cohort

    Hi! I applied and got accepted, but because I have to do a bridge course I won't be starting the actual program until May 2020!
  6. Simmons Direct Entry FNP 2020

    Hi! I just got accepted to Simmons online FNP program!
  7. Rehire Eligibility Letter

    So to give some background information: When I first graduated high school I became a CNA and started working on a med/surg unit at a hospital. When I was first originally hired, I told the manager that I would be starting nursing school soon and tha...
  8. Hurst nclex-rn review

    Hi, I am about to graduate nursing school in a couple weeks and I went through an accelerated program. I think the fast paced program I went through caused me to kind of "pump and dump" information. With that being said I am looking for a good review...