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NurseDrizzles has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg Float, Palliative, Pulmonary.

I'm Adrianne. I've been a nurse since 2016 and was a nursing assistant in a teaching hospital for 11 years before that. I've been on night shift the entire time. I have the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist. I constantly seek ways to bring both to the bedside. I am the creator of the podcast Nursing Uncensored. The NSFW weekly show is filled with advice, stories, complaints, victories, and ideas from nurses. I believe that honesty and open communication foster growth in nurses and I want to help educate in informal settings with humor and storytelling.

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  1. NurseDrizzles

    oxygen delivery with nasal cannula

    To add to the already correct answers being given, I've seen the plastic prefilled bubblers pop/explode with high flow running through them. Know what manufacturer's recommend and don't exceed those recommendations.
  2. NurseDrizzles

    Trach with oxygen

    I think the first step is having a good stethoscope. While I don't think every nurse needs a crazy expensive one, it's certainly best to have the most upscale one you can afford. I upgraded from a $40 steth to a $140 steth and the difference is profo...
  3. NurseDrizzles

    Suctioning Question

    Do you guys use in-line suctioning? I imagine most of your patients are vented. On unvented patients, we generally use a new sterile catheter for each time we suction. The splitter can be helpful. With more tenacious secretions I'll usually set up a ...
  4. NurseDrizzles

    Suctioning Question

    Hi! I'm a respiratory stepdown nurse and I suction trachs on the regular. Generally you suction the trach first. This will cause the patient to cough, causing a buildup of secretions in their mouth. I always have a yankauer nearby ready to go so I ca...
  5. NurseDrizzles

    RN-BSN Student Knows Too Much

    Also, I'm disappointed with the level of bite I've received in response, so far. This is how a community shares information and educates newbies? Cool.
  6. NurseDrizzles

    RN-BSN Student Knows Too Much

    that's a more constructive explaination than the first. I guess I should have broken it down more clearly. When you're writing an informal post, and you feel well-versed with the material HOW do you choose what to cite? I feel like i'm arbitrarily ...
  7. NurseDrizzles

    RN-BSN Student Knows Too Much

    Whoa, friendly question met with some sarcasm. Ouch. Simply asking about a balance between displaying knowledge ive mastered and pulling a citation for the sake of pulling one. Thanks for your help.
  8. NurseDrizzles

    RN-BSN Student Knows Too Much

    Just wanted to get others' takes on this: What do you do when your pathology instructor expects you to cite references but you literally can just rattle off symptoms, pathos and treatments without cracking a book? fake cite to make them happy or tell...
  9. NurseDrizzles

    Weird question for clinicals.

    I get so hot when I'm at work, I sometimes can't stand it. So I have a few tips for you. Yes, there are special scrubs made to keep you cool and I encourage you to either get to a scrub store to try a bunch on, or read online reviews before purchasin...
  10. NurseDrizzles

    Social Media and Patients

    Does your organization let you truncate or omit your last name from your badge?
  11. NurseDrizzles

    Social Media and Patients

    It's a valid point. Since I work for a state hospital, I also care for patients who are incarcerated, only they're on my turf and they have one or two guards with them at all times. Not only do I not want to accept them on any online platform, I'd pr...
  12. NurseDrizzles

    Social Media and Patients

    Well, it sounds like the choice is pretty obvious for most of us. I know there are nurses out there who cross these boundaries. I wanna hear from you folks. No judgement or arguments...just wanna hear from the other side of the aisle!
  13. NurseDrizzles

    Social Media and Patients

    I goofed up my poll....haha. those are the only choices you get. please comment folks.
  14. NurseDrizzles

    Social Media and Patients

    There's so much to consider when nurses login to any social media platform. Can your employer or potential employers see things you'd rather they not see? Are you violating HIPAA? Are you protecting our trusted profession's image? It's enough to make...
  15. NurseDrizzles

    iPhone app - patient tracker/to do list

    I totally forgot... Google Keep!!! Works like digital post-it notes. A note can be a checklist, you can set a reminder for each one. The note can be a photo or document, whatever. You can color code them, categorize, drag and rearrange,. I swear I us...