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  1. I was accepted into the evening ADN program at Nash Community College today. I was able to get into the program with 87.4 points. Are there previous or current students on allnurses that have some words of advice on the program?
  2. careerchange19

    Montgomery Community College, NC

    Any current students or grads from the LPN program have advice on getting into the program? I am applying to the hybrid evening program and I know the maximum number of students is 20. I am sure the college receives hundreds of exceptional applicants and the whole admission process is super competitive. It seems that all of NC nursing programs are super competitive. I am applying to four nursing programs and I am praying I will be accepted into one of the programs.
  3. Does anyone know the average total points for the practical nursing program? I am applying to the college this fall to start the program in the spring. Right now, I am working on completing the prerequisites courses. I am considering taking some of the prerequisites at Portage Learning, but I am waiting to hear back from the college to find out if these courses will transfer into the program. I would hate to waste money on courses that will not transfer.