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  1. AussieRN12

    PRN range analgesia.

    Yes I tried that and it told me that the website can not be found
  2. AussieRN12

    PRN range analgesia.

    The link is not working can you please fix it so I can read the material
  3. AussieRN12

    PRN range analgesia.

    At1200hrs pt recieved 2mg, at 1330hrs pt recieved 3mg and at 1400hrs pt recieved 6mg. The next appropriate time that the pt can recieve another dose is 1600hrs. The order is 2-8mg every 2 hours. This means that 8mg is the maximum dose within 2 hours. The pt has recieved 11mg within 2 hours. At 1400hrs the pt should have only had 3mg If a pt is requiring more analgesia then ordered to control pain then they need reviewing. Does this make sense.
  4. AussieRN12

    How to document in the ward register?

    To John 2018 it sounds like you are referring to 2 different brands of controlled release oxycodone (oxycontin). If this is the case than they are recorded as one, meaning both brands of the same strength are counted together. I have never heard of separating the same drug & strength by brand as not only is it not necessary but it creates more work for us nurses. Hope this helps. But you should still talk to your pharmacist if there is one available
  5. Expect to enter as a Grade 2 yr 1 (grad year). EEN experience does not come into it. I was an EEN many years before i become an RN and had to start at grade 2 yr 1. This is victoria, it is a good idea to check the EBA for your state and yes speak to your grad coordinator
  6. AussieRN12

    Advice needed: new graduate year completion.

    So i have not been in your position, however all the hospitals that i have worked will not employ RNs without a grad yr, i live in vic so it may be different in QLD. I would speak to your employer and ask them their opinion, they might agree to unpaid leave but they may not. Hope this helps
  7. AussieRN12

    Is aspirin a blood thinner?

    Yes, I bloodly hate that term
  8. AussieRN12

    Patients afraid of needles...

    Tats are a different feeling as well though
  9. AussieRN12

    NP License in Australia?

    You have to have at least a post grad cert in a specialty area and do a masters in NP as well as a complete the necessary clinical work. Than you can appliy for NP registration. All information is on the AHPRA web site. Hope this helps
  10. AussieRN12

    Patients hiding narcotics

    I would and have done the same thing as you, it sounds like he might have an addiction and could be storing/ hoarding narcotics to get high. In australia (where i live and nurse) the prison nurses do always ask the patient to open thier mouth
  11. AussieRN12

    PTE exam booking

    I would choose professional qualification as that is what you are working towards
  12. AussieRN12


    I would have given normal long acting and withhold sliding scale. Ensuring recheck of bgls 1-2hrs later
  13. AussieRN12

    Saline flushes causing nausea for my patients

    Hi. I am an RN in australia. My hospital does not use prefilled syringes of normal saline (i have actually never seen them) and i have never heard of any patient becoming nauseous or have salty taste with normal flushes - so i agree with you it must be the syringes. I wonder if it is something the prefilled syringes themselves are made out of and it is leaching into the saline while it sits in the syringes?
  14. AussieRN12

    Concurrent morphine and OxyContin administration?

    Ok. So the oxycontin is for continuous pain relief, the prn endone (oxycodone) is for break through pain and yes oxycodone come in a PR form. The morphine i would be assuming is more for the Dyspnoea, it could also be used as break through analgesia. Just because somebody is taking oxycontin dosnt mean that they dont have additional pain. Hope that makes sense
  15. AussieRN12

    Pre- EN student help

    I did my EEN before i did my RN. The work load was full and from memory we had 2-3 assignments on the go at any one time, but i did my EEN back in 2010, so it might have changed by now.
  16. AussieRN12

    Are there progressive roles for RNs in Australia

    It would depend on the work place, and if progressive roles are well developed. i work in a large regional hospital in victoria and RNs can progress to cns, Aum, Num and occational in charge, some wards/units have a progressive junior to senior roles. To get an NP role you need to complete a masters degree and the work place needs to either have a NP vacancy or create an NP role. I hope this makes sense and helps.