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  1. So I will be done with my LPN program at the end of April and my graduation should be in May. Financially, I'm pretty much in a situation where I need to have some kind of money rolling in by May or the beginning of June and I was wondering how long the hiring process is for LPN. When you apply, do you typically hear back from employers in a few days or a few months? Also, how soon are you allowed to take the NCLEX? Do you literally have to wait until after graduation in order to take it or can you take it once classes are done? I have been studying for the NCLEX pretty heavily for the last two months. Aside from my usual studying for my current class, I do about 30-35 NCLEX questions a day and review things I may have forgotten.
  2. Nursevibes

    LPN program in NY

    I too have a bachelor's in psychology and I am nearing the end of my LPN program. While I do agree with the comment above that there are cheaper and quicker routes to take if you simply need to start making money ASAP, LPN positions are here to stay. LPN positions have been "phasing out" for the last 20-30 years. Go figure. It's true that they were phased out of NY hospitals but some hospitals are hiring them again. I took the LPN route because I needed money fast but mainly because RN programs are extremely competitive in NYC if your prereq grades are anything less than like a 3.4. It was easier for me to go with the LPN-RN route than to spend an extra year retaking prerequisites. It's a lot to think about.
  3. Nursevibes

    *HELP* leaving my 4 year to attend a 2 year?

    I was in a very similar situation. I too am from NYC and went to UB. UB is extremely competitive and the CUNYs in NYC are just as competitive, if not more because it’s cheaper than private schools. I think if your grades are at leastttt a 3.4, you’ll definitely be able to get into UB or CUNY nursing. If it’s a little lower but you have a lot of volunteer work or work experience in the medical field, you may be able to get in with a 3.2-3.3. Anything lower than that, your chances are slim to none. For me, I spent a year doing prerequisites and did terrible. 3 Cs, 2 Bs, 1 A. Instead of me spending ANOTHER year taking those prerequisites again, I decided to spend that year to become an LPN...and then go to an LPN-RN/BSN bridge program in NYC. There’s a lot less competition if you go that route here.
  4. Nursevibes

    LPN Student

    I have 3 more classes left in my LPN program so I can offer some advice. It definitely gets harder as you move along. What I would say is to become one with your ATI books. Also go on the ATI website and take at least 1 adaptive quiz everyday. You can pick what topics you want. You can set it to 5,10 or however many questions you wanna take. I noticed that I can study for hours on end but if I don't wrap it up with NCLEX style questions to really solidify that I know what I just read, then the information doesn't stick. Get in the habit of testing yourself and thinking like a nurse. The NCLEX is really like an acquired skill lol.
  5. So at this very moment im on class #10 out of 13 and I still feel like I know very little about nursing. Granted I do pass all my tests. I haven't gotten anything under an 82 so far(I've failed a few quizzes though) but it's like once I'm in clinicals and my instructor asks me a question my mind just freezes and suddenly becomes empty. However if that SAME exact question were to be on an exam, I'd get it right without a doubt in my mind. It worries me because in the real world I'm not gonna have a pen and paper and a minute to think about my answer. I'm going to have to think quickly. I notice in my class that the good test takers are usually not so great at clinicals and the people that are BARELY passing the exams are really good when it comes to our skills check-off. I feel like if I had to choose one or the other, I'd choose to be a good hands-on person because that's what really matters when you need to save a person's life. Is anyone else like this? How do you deal?
  6. Nursevibes

    My facility is restraining a resident and I feel that I can't help.

    You are supposed to assess bp and hr prior to giving a beta blocker for a baseline. However what's most important is the vital signs during the peak level. If the bpm is lower than 50 you hold. A baseline is still important so I'm a bit shocked that so many people just give as ordered and don't bother to check. I've learned that in nursing school as well and I have been on beta blockers myself for 4 years now. I have passed out because of it. I am still in school like you so I can only share what I know as a patient and not as a nurse but I would say just go with what you learn in school because that's what going to help you pass the NCLEX. I too have noticed a lotttt of things at my clinical site that completely go against what I've learned in school to the point where I've contemplated reporting it.
  7. Nursevibes

    Dealing with Pets

    Hey guys! So I'm in school to be an LPN and the end goal is to be a CRNA. In the meantime, I wanted to do Home Health Nursing when I graduate LPN school all the way up until I get my BSN. I'd rather do that than to work at an ECF with a 40:1 ratio. HOWEVER...one thing that kinda makes me a bit hesitant is that I am absolutely terrified of dogs and I'm not a big fan of cats. Basically anything that's not in a tank or some type of cage 24/7 is a NO for me. I was wondering if this would be an issue or if there is some kind of flexibility with picking your patients.
  8. Nursevibes

    CRNA school with only an Associates Degree?

    wow thanks so much!
  9. Nursevibes

    CRNA school with only an Associates Degree?

    ..yeah..long story short, life happened. But my GPA now is pretty strong. Nothing I can do about the past.
  10. Nursevibes

    CRNA school with only an Associates Degree?

    I don't think you're being pessimistic. I appreciate your honest opinion because it's more or less what I was thinking anyway. And I believe you when you say CRNA school is extremely competitive. Even the ABSN program is competitive..especially in NY. I'm sure I would've been accepted if I was willing to relocate but that wasn't an option for me at the time. Im not sure where you live and whether or not you'd be willing to relocate but I was told that Barry University has a good crna program and is the easiest to get into in Florida. I think it's worth looking into if you haven't already.
  11. So I'm currently in LPN school but my end goal is to be a CRNA. I was just doing some research on CRNA schools in the Tri-State Area. I was looking at the admission requirements for Columbia University and I see that it says you only need an Associates Degree in Nursing IF you already have a Bachelors Degree in a non-nursing field...which I do. My original plan was: LPN-->ADN-->BSN-->1-2 years nursing experience--> CRNA school The reason why I'm going this route despite having a bachelors already is because I tried to get into an Accelerated BSN program back in 2017 but my prereq grades were not good enough. Instead of spending a year taking them over again, I just decided to go to LPN school and work my way back up. That way, I'll be able to make decent money while pursuing the next level in nursing. However, if I can completely skip over the BSN program, that would really help a lot. My only fear is that I spend 1-2 years working right after my ADN with hopes of getting into Columbia and then I get rejected and end up having to get my BSN anyway in order to apply to other schools. So..is this ADN to CRNA really a thing? or just at Columbia? Let me know!
  12. Nursevibes

    Where Can I Work?

    So I'm about 4 months into my LPN program in NY. Before starting, I was lucky enough to get money from my father that just wanted me to focus on school and not work. However, I'm going to need to have some sort of job by November or December because it's simply not enough to last me until I graduate in April 2020. I also don't want to ask for more money from him. My question is where can I work that will respect my school schedule and just give me anywhere from 1-2 shifts a week? I would like to make my time worthwhile and work in some sort of medical setting. I don't have any CNA, MA, HHA or PCT certifications though so that kinda complicates things a bit. For those that work while going to LPN school, what do you do? I have a few classmates that are fulltime CNAs and PCTs and they can BARELY stay awake but somehow manage to have decent grades. I have so much respect for them. I dont know how they do it. This program is so demanding and the only reason my grades are high is because I don't have a job or kids to worry about. I think 1-2 shifts a week is the most I can do lol.
  13. Nursevibes

    Laptop vs IPad for note taking

    I prefer an iPad. I retain information better by writing as opposed to typing on a laptop. It’s all about finding your learning style, what works , what doesn’t etc
  14. Nursevibes

    Obnoxious Classmate

    We were assigned seats from day 1 so if I were to just all of a sudden take someone else’s seat at this point, it would look a little suspect. I think I’m going to take your advice about telling her to record the lectures. Thank you!
  15. Nursevibes

    Obnoxious Classmate

    One of the girls in my class is going through that and the person she picks up comes up with every excuse as to why she can’t contribute to gas. Good thing you got out of that
  16. Nursevibes

    Obnoxious Classmate

    So I just started my program a little over 2 months ago and I’ve been oh so blessed to be seated next to someone that continuously asks me to repeat what the professor just said during the lectures and as I tell her, I miss out on the new things the professor said right after. Other times, the professor will ask “I’m sorry do you ladies have any questions? You’re a bit chatty over there”. Of course she says no. She also tends to wake me up during lunch break and asks for me to help her with things she does not understand. While that’s completely fine on some days, I work overnight twice a week (and yes she knows) so squeezing in a quick 30 min nap on those days makes such a huge difference for me (she’s aware of that as well). I’m sure to some of you I sound like a complete jerk. But keep in mind that I’m still very polite to her and continue to help her whenever she asks. I just can’t imagine dealing with this for the next 10 months as the courses become more intense. Is it too late to set boundaries at this point? If not, how would I kindly go about doing so?

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