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  1. Hi fellow school nurses! I was wondering what's the biggest challenge for you while working in a school environment? I'm currently working in a elementary school as an LVN and I love it. Im considering going back for my RN and get my nurse credential to work as a school nurse. Im under the supervision of a RN. The reason I'm asking is because my RN looks stress all the time, but not in a bad way. She tells me she loves her job but she has apart from my school, three other schools assigned. I would love some feedback or experiences from your fellow school nurses on how you handle stress or certain situations with parents or teachers.
  2. Hi there Are their any RN students who are attending cypress college for the LVN to RN bridge program? If so how was the whole process in with taking the entrance exams? I know the written test are offer only fall semesters and the skills test are offer spring semester only. How many tests are included in each semester? And do you still have to go through the point system even if your an LVN? I want to start making preparations to enter the RN program in cypress. I already have most of my prerequisites done and just waiting the right time to start studying for the pre entrance exams before starting to apply for the program.
  3. Hi there I have questions about nurses who work at a school district pertaining to lice. My district has this policy where we CANNOT SEND HOME student with lice involved. My site is full of students with lice and most the families here are poor income based. Any school nurse or LVNS out there, how do you deal with a situation like this? For me is stressful because teachers are constantly on back to send them home and they know the policy when if comes to lice. My RN told me that if student has really bad case of lice in where you physically see them crawling all over the place, i can send them home. But other than that kiddos have to stay. My biggest problem is that some parents are noncompliance. And i kind of understand them since some cant even afford the lice kits. Can any of you give me suggestions or pointers on how to deal with non-compliance parents on following up on tx?
  4. Rocio8809

    Im scare guys

    I recently got hired in a assisted living facility working part time in the evenings. I wanted to give it a try because i want to get experience as an LVN working for the geriatrics community. I never thought I was gonna get hired. See i have a day time job at a elementary school and love it, but I only work part time as well. When i applied for the assiting living job, I though it was gonna take a while for them call me back or i even though they werent gonna call me. To my surprise when i went to go apply in person the DON interview me on the spot and hired me. I guess the facility is really short staff and need people right away. She mention that for the afternoon shift i would have to pass meds to 20 patients. I really scare and nervous you guys. Please any nurses out there working in assiting living or sniff how did you manage your first days? Any recommendations you might give me is great.
  5. Rocio8809

    Home health recovery nurse

    Last week I applied for a home health per diem lvn position for a plastic surgery company. I got a email from the recruiter that she wants to phone interview me. I'm kind of hesitate because I've never done or have experience with plastic surgery patients. Have any lvns work in this kind of field? And if so what duties do you perform?
  6. Rocio8809

    LPN/LVN job options. (Current job is making me sick)

    Hi there I know how you feel. Don't get discourage. There's tons of opportunity as lvns in many areas believe it or not. Sniff is not your only option. I hate it when people say that. THAT'S NOT TRUEí ½í¸¡ When I graduate as an LVN I promise myself never to take a job as an LVN in a sniff due to the craziness that goes down there. I worked as an CNA before nursing school in a dementia unit. Man it was very intense and I would see that the lvns had a lot of work to do. I think you should consider becoming a school nurse. I think that fits well with your personality and type of environment you want. I work right now in a elementary school as an LVN and I loved it. There's a lot of downtime and I don't have to deal with snobby nurses or any staff members. Have you tried applying at clinics or rehab centers? EverytIme I looking on indeed there's always hiring lvns in those areas. Don't lose up hope. At least you tried it and realize it was not for you and it's good work experience that looks good in your resume.
  7. HI I'm a new LVN that started working in an elementary school for almost 6 months already. This job is only part time and it pays a decent amount for being part time. I've been looking for another part time job as LVN in home health, assisted living, and clinics. I've applied so many places and I recently came across in a position as a med tech in assisted living. I applied to it and got an interview with the director of place. My question is if they offer it to me, should I take it? The position didn't say lvn just med tech and honestly I've heard horrible stories about lvn working in assisted living. I kinda just apply and get extra cash on the side. The position didn't looked too demanding and honestly I just want to have it so that way my resume says I have experience passing meds and working with the elderly. Have any of you lvns out there worked as med techs?
  8. Wow that sounds awesome. You been very helpful. Im actually workin in a school right now part time and apply for a pediatric home health position and still waiting for response. Im gonna definely check out ambulatory surgery centers to see if they have any LVN positions in PACU. From what i been searching many places they first asked for at least a year in PACU experience for pre op positions.
  9. I guess its pre op . I thought PACU consisited of pre op as well since i usually get them mixed up. Thank you do much for the info.
  10. Hi fellow pacu nurses Hey i was wondering what does it take to be a Pre op nurse? Im a LVN working in the field and recently my mom had eye surgery done last week. I love how the pacu nurses were so sweet and attended of my mom. It made me realize i want to work in the future as a pre op nurse. Of course i would need to go back to school to get my RN but i wanted to know if i can work in this field with just an ADN or do hospitals or outpatient surgery clinics hired with an BSN? Also is it hard to get those positions? When they look at your resume, do they look for any special skills or specialty they want for this field?
  11. Hi everyone Im a recent LVN and barely started to work in an elementary school. I love it and love the flexibility of it but theres something i still concern about. First of all in a school setting an LVN can do so much and i dont get to practice my skills as much as in a hospital setting. Second i will only work 9 months only and i will be almost 3 months off from work. So my question is i was looking into home health and any nurses out there who are LVNs and have work into home health, what exactly does an LVN do and will i be able to practice my skills there? Also, since i work in the morning is home health flexible as well?