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I recently got hired in a assisted living facility working part time in the evenings. I wanted to give it a try because i want to get experience as an LVN working for the geriatrics community. I never thought I was gonna get hired. See i have a day time job at a elementary school and love it, but I only work part time as well. When i applied for the assiting living job, I though it was gonna take a while for them call me back or i even though they werent gonna call me. To my surprise when i went to go apply in person the DON interview me on the spot and hired me. I guess the facility is really short staff and need people right away. She mention that for the afternoon shift i would have to pass meds to 20 patients. I really scare and nervous you guys. Please any nurses out there working in assiting living or sniff how did you manage your first days? Any recommendations you might give me is great.


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Do not let 20 patients panic you. Assisted living (hopefully and generally but not all the time) means patients are less acute than a nursing home/skilled facility. Also as far as med times go you have an hour before and an hour after to pass meds. So that gives you on average about 3 hours to pass to all residents. It will seem stressful at first. But you will build your routine and get used to it quickly. Its not all that different from doing meds in the nurses office (a little easier in my opinion) Anyway do not worry 20 pts is totally doable :)


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Yes please just breath and watch your mar, 5 rights. I've been a nurse for 20 yrs and on every job it takes awhile to get your routine down. I actually have 16 to 20 patients and at first I just wanted to quit, freak run. 1 yr later I was able to do my job and help the other nurses coming onboard. Now after 10 yrs, I could do it in my sleep, it just takes a bit. A breathe!!


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Hey! Don't overthink it. A new job is always hard in the beginning. I've been an LVN for 4 years and since I got my license, I've worked in a few SNFs. One thing I can definitely assure you is that Skilled Nursing is similar anywhere you go. Similar with different policies. I've worked at facilities where I was assigned 30+ patients at a time. I've had that many patients including ones with GTubes, IVs, fall risks, dementia, etc. etc. It's definitely tough and overwhelming in the beginning. But as long as you're trained properly and aren't afraid to ASK QUESTIONS, you'll get used to it. GET TO KNOW YOUR PATIENTS! The better you know your patients, the easier it will be for you. Develop your own routine and stick to what works for you and for your patient. It'll be nerve wrecking but stay strong. Never be afraid to ask questions to avoid making mistakes. YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck to you! Hope it works out for you! :)


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Don't let 20 residents scare you. At any one time you will be preparing and giving the meds to one at a time. Don't get frustrated and try to address more than one at a time when it comes to meds.


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If you haven't passed meds before, best thing to do is review your meds. Metoprolol, Lisinipril, Lasix, Vitamin C (aka Asorbic Acid), Iron (aka Ferrous Sulfate or Ferrous Gluconate)..Aspirin 81, pain meds (narcotics Tramadol, Norco, Oxycodone, Tylenol #3, double locked & counted, etc.).

Don't hurry because you may have a grace period with your DON because you're new. Any questions just ask!

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I pass meds at my ALF as a CNA for 25 residents...piece of cake..piece of pie...I went for the Medication Administration Training and became certified to pass will do great..the three hour window helps a bunch... One hour before/after alloted med time... It's the MOR that I dread

Best of luck

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Twenty patents! Where are the other 10?