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    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Nice! I also dumped FB about 2 years ago and am relieved to not be subject to their "ideas" anymore. I tried removing some personal data from my profile but FB made that impossible. Since they don't have a phone number to call, I wrote a letter to the brick and mortar building but never got a response. Happy to be rid of FB.
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    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    Stay strong, stay safe, sisters and brothers.
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    Nurses Furious As Dentist to Lead Nursing Research Institute

    Hello, I went to nursing school 34 years ago and a PhD scientist was a classmate. He was involved with nursing research at another university and wanted to better understand his work and our profession from the research perspective. If the dentist or biologist has at least completed an RN's education and training, I would consider him/her for the director's position, but not otherwise. It's not possible for people to recognize the nuances in nursing and apply them to research if they do not understand our work.
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    The End of An Era

    Best wishes to you - Viva and All - who have served in Nursing. Have fun and Enjoy!
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    Are Patients Cared for Equally? Challenges of the VIP Patient

    When a nurse is my patient, s/he is my VIP.
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    Can nurses use medical marijuana?

    THC is psychoactive but most, if not all, of the other 112 known phytocannabinoids in the cannabis sativa plant are not! There is so much potential symptom relief (A-Z), tumor reduction/elimination, anti-inflammatory effects, etc waiting for people who don't get the relief from pharmaceuticals and are willing to try safer alternatives. Cannabis was in the US Pharmacopeia until MJ was made illegal in 1937. CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, has powerful healing potential and is a rising star that the public is demanding access to. It is helping many elders and others of all ages who deal with chronic pain and inflammation and much more. We have a receptor system for cannabinoids! Our own human bodies make five endocannabinoids to help keep us in homeostasis. Mother Earth provides a beautiful plant to help us for when we need it. Re: hospital corporations, Boards of Nursing in the US....well, patience and take care in dealing with these bureaucracies. We all need to recover from many decades of brainwashing by powerful special interests. Hospital corporations can and will fire an employee for just about anything these days.
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    Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    Organize. When nurses get together on any problematic workplace issue, it's a force for positive change. Hospital administrations fear when nurses gather, and want a robust bottom line often going to Nursing to make cuts to save money. Check out how nurses in California with CNA organized over the last few decades to ensure patient safety and justice in the workplace. CA has a safe staffing law. Take your specific unit issue, ie staffing, with any/all data re: poor patient outcomes or dangerously high staffing ratios and report it to JCAHO, for example.
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    Nurses Week: An Opportunity to Reflect and Celebrate

    Such great ideas in this article! Hope everyone had a good Nurses Week with meaningful opportunities like the Blessing of Hands/Heart/Soul plus actions that keep us focused amidst the chaos: improve work conditions that ultimately helps our patients and earn respect from our colleagues on the multidisciplinary team. Care for ourselves first and the work around us becomes less a drain.
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    Will marijuana ever be okay in nursing?

    The human endocannabinoid receptor system (ECRS) is fascinating! Learn about it and you'll see that cannabis sativa and the ECRS evolved together over millenia. Cannabis is one of mother earth's healing plants and the ECRS makes us hard-wired for exogenous cannabinoids if our endocannabinoid system is not functioning optimally and producing its own, ie 2-AG and anandamide. The ECRS' function is homeostasis. If the ECRS is ever recognized as a part of human physiology in mainstream medicine, cannabis will be the shining star, helping many people who do not get relief from conventional meds for conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, muscle spasms, the list is long. Nurses help educate patients better understand all healing methods. Let's better understand cannabis sativa's healing potential for the people who choose to use it for their healing. We were all born into the era of cannabis prohibition (law passed in 1937) and it's harder to unlearn brainwashing. Also, there is so much fear pumped into our consciousness from the special interests who'd rather not have other healing methods available to people.
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    Young Med-Surg RN with triple negative breast cancer

    Sammi, best wishes!
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    New (to neuro!)

    Anything that calms the nervous system will go a long way for your patients! Is the unit environment calm with subdued lighting, for example? Are artificial sweeteners banned from the environment...they are neurotoxic...anti-inflammatory foods are important. There is even liquid nutrition 100% organic full of nutrients, protein, low carb that can be given via tube feeding. Hope you are enjoying your new workplace.
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    Can I get in trouble for lingerie/artistic nude modeling?

    Back in the day during nursing school, a fellow student who supported her college education from earnings as an xxx actress would occasionally arrive in class in full make-up having just come from the set. We were aware that she just came from work. It was her business and it did not impact her education and training. This was pre-social media and so much is passed around now but I doubt that you would be in any trouble. Best wishes!
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    Here's a posting almost two years later! A ketogenic diet, high good fat like coconut oil, low carbohydrate will help any person with Alzheimer's dementia or Type II diabetes. Sounds like he needed a caregiver at his home. I hope all went well with this gentleman.
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    Patient Education

    Please allow me to carry on for a moment regarding your inquiry as empowering people in the healthcare system is a passion of mine. Do check out Functional Medicine (FM). You will find a treasure trove of information that will guide your teaching and help people reverse their chronic illness, maybe help get them off unnecessary meds and regain their health. FM looks at the root cause. And as I've learned, much comes right back down to diet and exercise, and people have 100% control here. Environmental toxins and various infectious diseases complicate matters but nowadays we can look into all these factors to understand the impact on a person's health. For starters, food choices and exercise are within the realm of possibilities if someone is ready to make the change to improve health status. For patient education on Type II diabetes or cardiovascular disease, changes in diet and exercise - stop smoking if indicated - will drive down inflammation. Insulin doses reduce, people can get off Metformin, etc. There are various "diets" to choose from but, first and foremost, one must resist the temptation of a high carb intake and keep it to 30-50gms/day, according to the new medical science. We must also consider the brain in inflammation. Insulin resistance is worsened by all the sugar consumed. There is so much high fructose corn syrup and junk carbs in the U.S. food supply that it's no wonder we have the epidemic in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As sugar is pro-inflammatory, patients can totally take charge of their health and wellbeing by "simply" cutting down sugar. I know it's not easy! Please check out the health benefits of a ketogenic diet that will benefit many people with diabetes or heart disease. It is effective for weight loss as ketones are used for fuel, not glucose, and aids in a reversal of diabetes or pre-diabetes, is anti-cancer, etc. It is high fat and includes coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado; is low in carbohydrates. Very good for the brain. Pounds melt off and lab values normalize. Thanks for your post and this opportunity to share, and best wishes in your new position!
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    Experienced RN's cannot get new jobs!

    While it's not for every clinically experienced nurse, taking your show on the road - going into business - is a viable option w/ the yrs of experience and nursing wisdom as your foundation. I am an RN w/ 32 yrs experience and worked in hospitals and in an oncology clinic for 27 of those yrs. The last five yrs have been in business as a patient advocate and health consultant. We experienced nurses are perfect consultants! The public trusts us and needs us. On those days when you think you cannot work in the institutional setting any longer, for whatever reason, or if the institutions are not considering you for hire, give yourself the opportunity to explore being in business! There are nurses organizations to support you. The people need us.
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    Starting a cna program

    enkwanta, I just joined allnurses and saw your post. It has been a couple of years since you wrote and hope things have worked out in whatever you chose to do. Congrats on your doctorate! Your desire to keep learning plus your entrepreneurial spirit is a good match. Wanted to add that wellness is a main tenet of the Nurse Coach certification.
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    How To Write A Great Topic

    Thank you for the nice tutorial!
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    Friends recall only nurse killed by hostile fire in Vietnam

    May her spirit live on forever...
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    Does anyone have experience running a nursing business in Mexico? Thanks in advance for considering this.

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