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  1. Nursing Shortages Past and Present

    If you throw money at me, I will work extra hours. Currently I work part-time but when bonus shifts are offered, I will work extra. I do firmly believe that there really isn’t a nursing shortage. There is a shortage of nurses willing to tak...
  2. Precepting Pearls

    You sound like a great preceptor! I wonder if NewGrad and you are just not a good match. Could be personality differences or just something random that you guys don’t jive. That said, one of the things I hated about my preceptor when I was a new ...
  3. I wear them. I just feel a bit more protected from whatever may come my way. It’s completely irrational though.
  4. You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep If...

    You go to the bathroom, pee, and brush your teeth all with your eyes closed.
  5. Were you a bully in high school?

    Some might after years away from high school with various life experiences. My guess is many won’t recognize that they were bullies. I remembering a funny episode on some show where the character who was going to a HS reunion was nervous bc she was b...
  6. Cell Phone Use at Work: Is It Appropriate?

    I find it easier and quicker to use my cell phone to look up drugs or medical conditions than my work computer. The work computers are slow and wants to use Bing as the search engine which is not my go-to. Sometimes the work computer blocks me from a...
  7. Were you a bully in high school?

  8. Were you a bully in high school?

    I was thinking the same thing as I was reading. LOL
  9. Were you a bully in high school?

    Some people might be aware that they were bullies now that they are older. Maybe you teased people for their appearance or maybe you tied someone’s shoelaces together or maybe you slandered someone. Fess up!
  10. I was scrolling on Reddit and one question that came up was, “What are your high school bullies doing now?”. Interestingly many said that their hs bullies are now nurses. Do you think the nursing profession attracts former bullies? How many of you we...
  11. Why some nurses use the word "endorsement"?

    I have only seen Filipino nurses use that term.
  12. CNA doing wound vacs??

    All the hospitals I worked at, CNAs do not touch wound vacs. It's out of their scope of practice. I have never heard of wound certified CNAs though.
  13. Private duty is not hectic and may be a good fit. It's one to one. These jobs are usually through home health agencies. You could also look into Acute rehab (not nursing home). These pts tend to be less acute and stay longer in the facility so you ge...
  14. Clinical Scenario - Telehealth Interview

    A pt may be calling in with chest pain. You use the proper algorithm in your software for chest pain. Ask assessment questions like where is the pain, when did it start, are you having pain now, how bad is the pain, does it radiate, what does it feel...
  15. Clinical Scenario - Telehealth Interview

    I had to take a scenario test during my interview. One part assesses your nursing critical thinking skills. Second part assesses your customer service skills. You would get a scenario where a person calls in with an issue like chest pain or slurred s...