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    Dosage calculation help!!

    How will you do this problem? Prostigmin 0.65 mg IM has been ordered for your patient. You have on hand Prostigmin 2:3000 solution. You would give _____ mL. I am confused about the ratio it doesnt have a metric system next to the number. So is it 2mg: 3,000 ml ?
  2. Hello everyone =) I'm just curious to know why streptococcus or strept throat only damage the heart such as in rheumatic heart disease and kidneys like glomurelonephrits. This is not a school assignment or anything but I always keep hearing my nursing instructor stating this. I asked her why doesn't it affect other organs too. She said she will try to find the answer and get back to me. Probably its a dumb question but I'm just curious.