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  1. Prioritization help

    prioritizing the order that you’ll see the patients and give your rationale for why. So im not sure if im in the right track but can someone guide me if im in the correct path. My rationale is next to it but not sure if it sounds righ...
  2. Dosage calculation help!!

    How will you do this problem? Prostigmin 0.65 mg IM has been ordered for your patient. You have on hand Prostigmin 2:3000 solution. You would give _____ mL. I am confused about the ratio it doesnt have a metric system next to the number. So is it 2mg...
  3. Hello everyone =) I'm just curious to know why streptococcus or strept throat only damage the heart such as in rheumatic heart disease and kidneys like glomurelonephrits. This is not a school assignment or anything but I always keep hearing my nursin...