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 prioritizing the order that you’ll see the patients and give your rationale for why. 


So im not sure if im in the right track but can someone guide me if im in the correct path.  My rationale  is next to it but not  sure if it sounds right . I couldnt figure  after addressing the pain should I call the family or doctor next?

1. Patient in the bathroom, call light going off->   this will be my priority for  safety to  make sure my patient makes it safe back to bed, doesn’t trip when his ambulating and MAKE SURE THEY HAVE THE CALL LIGHT AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO FALL OF THE BED ( this first)

2. Patient who is in pain . THEN I WILL ADDRESS THE PAIN because pain is a typical sensation of pain and it will not kill the patient and its manageable   unless  pain is related to loss of limb  or threatening pt life I will assess this first

3. Family members calling for update

4. MD wanting to speak to you regarding a pt



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Sounds like a school project.



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In nursing, we generally prioritize airway, breathing and circulation needs first, then we move on to other needs.  You may want to take a look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  This will be in any of your fundamentals of nursing textbooks and is often covered in other nursing books, as well as NCLEX review books.  Nursing priorities are usually based on these levels of need and this will guide you in answering many questions on exams and on licensing boards.

Best of luck with your questions!