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    Good moral character

    I am dealing with GMC right now in MA... I have a prior DUI from years ago which in all instances was NOT a conviction at the end of probation. However, when I read through the BON's standards for criminal conviction and their GMC FAQ's, I did not want to risk being denied my license and therefore disclosed of this. All of my paperwork for GMC evaluation was sent in end of January. Their evaluation process takes at least 8 weeks (or so they say). Most of my class has already taken their NCLEX and passed. Its now almost March 1st, and I am still waiting for my ATT. I guess the bottom line is.. once you finish nursing school, read over their GMC policy carefully. I was not convicted of a DUI misdemeanor; at the end of my probation, it was dismissed. Also, this never showed up on any CORI's or federal background checks in the past, nor has it affected my ability to get a job ever. However, the Good Moral Character guidelines suggest it is considered a "conviction" in their eyes. I would suggest just discussing this with your lawyer or even a professor once you start school. But I don't believe that you will be denied. I have a friend who had a previous DUI and went through this last year, and was able to take boards and pass. Also, they are now a licensed RN. I am hoping my fate is the same. Another individual I met had more serious charges against them, had to appear before the BON, but eventually got an ATT to take NCLEX. Unfortunately, the waiting process is the worst part. I am on week 4 since all of my paperwork was submitted and hoping I get that ATT soon. You will be able to become a nurse from what I understand. I still worry as I wait through this process, and the doubts and fear of being denied do pop in my head. But I know eventually it will work out, just a longer road unfortunately. Best of luck to you
  2. Hi Just wondering if anyone has had to go through GMC evaluation in MA for their ATT for NCLEX... I had previous DUI that was CWOF'd , and dismissed at the end of my probation(several years ago). This never showed up on a single CORI or background check during nursing school. However I was told that the Ma BON considers this to be a "conviction" even though I was not technically convicted. So I submitted all paperwork necessary for them to review me for ATT for NCLEX. My question is, does anyone have success stories of getting their ATT, similar to my situation? And if so, could you provide a timeline of when you submitted documentation and got your ATT? My classmates have all gotten theirs two weeks ago I have gotten an offer for basically my dream job and it starts the beginning of March. I will be devastated if I can't get an ATT by then. Thank you