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  1. JennaSnow

    My application status at South Nassau Community hospital.....

    Hey! I'm a new grad applying to South Nassau as well, and this just happened to me! I was shaded yellow yesterday and now, it is back to grey. Did you ever find out what that means? Were you called for an interview? Thanks for any info!
  2. JennaSnow

    Can I work in OB/GYN as a FNP?

    Hey I'll finally be graduating Nursing School in December of this year, 2018. That means, I'll be doing my capstone internship, and I am not sure where to go. I want to pick an area that will aid in my future career goals. So.... I've read plenty of threads on how it is better to go for a FNP vs WHNP. However, I have also read threads that still do not entirely answer the question: Will I be able to specialize in OB/GYN care as a FNP? I do understand why FNP is more marketable, but I am asking solely out of curiosity as to what areas I can specialize in with this degree. Honestly, it would be a no brainer to just go for the WHNP to work in OB/GYN; but, I've read a lot on how the job market for that degree is dissipating. Any help, guidance? Thanks
  3. JennaSnow

    Advice for a New Burn ICU Nurse

    This was so incredibly informative! I am a nursing student interested in working in the BICU at NYP/Weill Cornell. Hoping I can get my Capstone there this fall, and this was such a great post to prepare myself if that happens. I looked up some of the books you recommended and everything lol @bent1993 Did you start yet? How is it going?
  4. JennaSnow

    CNM vs WHNP vs Having Both

    That's what I was thinking, but I've been reading different threads about doing both. Didn't really understand why though.
  5. JennaSnow

    CNM vs WHNP vs Having Both

    I am interested in CNM and WHNP and would love to do a dual program in the future. I am in the NY/Long Island area. Does anyone know if there are any dual programs around here? Also, I know CNMs can see patients for well women care......what is the real benefit of pursuing the WHNP in addition to CNM? What can the WHNP do that the CNM cannot? Is it worth the money for school to do both? I know they complement each other nicely. Any input? Thanks for any replies!
  6. Hello All I am interested in both areas, but was curious to know if you can cross train between L&D and the NICU and float between the two areas. The hospital where I did my OB clinical rotation had the NICU right next to the L&D unit so it seems like something that could be possible. I am aware they are very different areas but I am considering going the CNM/WHNP route and thought both areas would be beneficial to gain experience in before applying. I am currently a senior at Adelphi graduating in December 2017. Thank you for any replies!
  7. Hello! I am currently at Adelphi University, about to graduate with my BSN in December 2017 (so excited ). I am interested, long term, in becoming a CNM with a WHNP certificate; or, if I can find some kind of a dual program for the two. I had my OB clinical already and loved it, even though the unit was kind of slow (when I was there at least). I also really loved the NICU in a different hospital I was at for my Peds rotation. With all of that said, would I be better in L&D or the NICU if I want to pursue becoming a CNM/WHNP? Of course L&D is the best bet, but I figured there would be a benefit in being a NICU nurse considering CNMs do mother and baby care. Thank you for any responses! I am doing my Capstone in the fall and want to know which area I should consider.