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  1. Yeah just the thought of all of it is stressing me out already. It has been rough these first 6 months out of nursing school. Not what I hoped for at all. Even this job, while my dream specialty is L+D, the location of this hospital and the pay in comparison to other hospitals in my area, are not ideal at all. It was my first offer and it was starting to feel a little bleak since I was having a hard time landing anything. I do kind of just want to pick up with finding work after the babies are settled next year, but I’m just worried with how it’ll make me “look” as a new grad without any work experience. I know jobs don’t care about your personal life, they just care that you haven’t been working. But you are right. My father said the same thing. There will always be nursing jobs available even if I have to take another route before getting back to L+D.
  2. That’s what I was thinking. I did L+D for my senior Capstone the end of last year so I know how physically demanding the job is, that’s why I wanted to seek some realistic advice here. I think my best bet will be to speak with the manager and ask her about deferring my start till after the twins are born and see what happens.
  3. Wow that is amazing! You really nailed that interview! That would be perfect, if they could defer my start date. I really vibed with the manager and nurse educator during my interview. It was like talking to women I knew already. I’m hoping they are receptive to starting me at a later time because I’d love to work with them.
  4. Not talking myself out of the position at all, just doing my due diligence to keep myself professional and not make a bad impression. By the time my probation is over, I’ll be 7 months pregnant (I was 7 months when pre-eclampsia took over and I had an emergency section in March of last year). It is safer to air on the side of caution considering my last pregnancy was in 2018, no? I included the tolls to imply how far the job is, considering the high risk pregnancy. But that, along with a few other things I did not mention, are reasons I placed in a “con” category for this job. Paying for tolls would be an additional bill just to get to work that I could definitely use to save for the new babies instead. I definitely do not mind working. I still plan on finding something to do until I cannot work anymore. But being a new grad and new hire, I was not sure if starting at 3 months pregnant was a good call.
  5. Thank you! That sounds like what I will end up doing. It’s a great opportunity and I don’t want to spoil it by not being up front with them. And maybe they’ll keep me in mind for next year! That would be great.
  6. Thank you! It does sound so much better while being pregnant. I think it’s my best bet right now, because I don’t want to blindsight the hospital with my pregnancy. Especially to have to leave so soon after starting. Labor and Delivery is my dream, but I can always try for it again next year when I’m ready to go back to work.
  7. Home care isn’t my first option. I’m just keeping open to other positions that I could possibly work before going on a leave. A position I’m possibly in the running for is a Pre-Op RN at an ambulatory center that’s only 10 minutes away from me. The hours are better. No weekends or holidays. It’s close. And it can keep me in practice.
  8. Yeah, I didn’t think I would be able to qualify. Hold out, as in decline the position?
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle and wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this topic, or any advice on what to do. I graduated in December 2018, and I have a job offer for Labor and Delivery RN (my dream specialty to work in) to start orientation on July 8th. The hospital is about a 40 minute drive from where I live, and I have to cross a toll bridge to get there. I just found out that I am pregnant......with twins . Still processing this information lol. Its early in the pregnancy, but I am considering a lot of things now due to my last pregnancy. I had pre-eclampsia my last pregnancy and my daughter was 2 months premature. So I am being considered high-risk. The orientation/training period at this new job is 4 months long. By the time I am done with orientation I am worried that it wont be long before I am possibly placed on bedrest, or have another reason to have to leave early for maternity leave. Basically, I fear I won't be at this new job for very long before I have to leave. I am wondering what my best bet is here. Should I continue with the position? Or should I decline for now, and find something more local that I can still use for work experience? I have been in contact with a home care agency that would accept me right away for locations that are closer to me, as well as another job prospect that is close to me as well. These jobs are not particularly in my field of interest, but I could still work them for nursing experience and save some money for the new babies; then once I'm ready to go back to work after they're born, I can try for a hospital job. Any advice? Thanks
  10. JennaSnow

    My application status at South Nassau Community hospital.....

    Hey! I'm a new grad applying to South Nassau as well, and this just happened to me! I was shaded yellow yesterday and now, it is back to grey. Did you ever find out what that means? Were you called for an interview? Thanks for any info!
  11. JennaSnow

    Can I work in OB/GYN as a FNP?

    Hey I'll finally be graduating Nursing School in December of this year, 2018. That means, I'll be doing my capstone internship, and I am not sure where to go. I want to pick an area that will aid in my future career goals. So.... I've read plenty of threads on how it is better to go for a FNP vs WHNP. However, I have also read threads that still do not entirely answer the question: Will I be able to specialize in OB/GYN care as a FNP? I do understand why FNP is more marketable, but I am asking solely out of curiosity as to what areas I can specialize in with this degree. Honestly, it would be a no brainer to just go for the WHNP to work in OB/GYN; but, I've read a lot on how the job market for that degree is dissipating. Any help, guidance? Thanks
  12. JennaSnow

    Advice for a New Burn ICU Nurse

    This was so incredibly informative! I am a nursing student interested in working in the BICU at NYP/Weill Cornell. Hoping I can get my Capstone there this fall, and this was such a great post to prepare myself if that happens. I looked up some of the books you recommended and everything lol @bent1993 Did you start yet? How is it going?
  13. JennaSnow

    CNM vs WHNP vs Having Both

    That's what I was thinking, but I've been reading different threads about doing both. Didn't really understand why though.
  14. JennaSnow

    CNM vs WHNP vs Having Both

    I am interested in CNM and WHNP and would love to do a dual program in the future. I am in the NY/Long Island area. Does anyone know if there are any dual programs around here? Also, I know CNMs can see patients for well women care......what is the real benefit of pursuing the WHNP in addition to CNM? What can the WHNP do that the CNM cannot? Is it worth the money for school to do both? I know they complement each other nicely. Any input? Thanks for any replies!

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