Can I work in OB/GYN as a FNP?

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I'll finally be graduating Nursing School in December of this year, 2018. That means, I'll be doing my capstone internship, and I am not sure where to go. I want to pick an area that will aid in my future career goals. So....

I've read plenty of threads on how it is better to go for a FNP vs WHNP. However, I have also read threads that still do not entirely answer the question: Will I be able to specialize in OB/GYN care as a FNP?

I do understand why FNP is more marketable, but I am asking solely out of curiosity as to what areas I can specialize in with this degree.

Honestly, it would be a no brainer to just go for the WHNP to work in OB/GYN; but, I've read a lot on how the job market for that degree is dissipating.

Any help, guidance?


I know plenty of FNPs that work in obgyn. While there is nothing precluding you from it, you probably would be the long shot over someone who's a whnp. Really comes down to your local market and what skills are available for the needs.

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Lots of FNPs work in women's health. You say you are just graduating nursing school, so you have plenty of time to get a little experience and see what you like first. The FNP will leave you with a lot more options than the WHNP degree. I know a couple with the latter, but they were very experienced L&D nurses who had never done anything else and would never have even considered another type of job.

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