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  1. wangja80

    Tulane Medical Center Review for new grad

    Hello, I was just curious, did you accept or decline the offer from Tulane? I have an interview very soon and was wondering the same things as you. What are your thoughts about the facility and residency program? Thank you!
  2. wangja80

    University of Miami Accelerated BSN spring 2018

    Hi guys, Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm moving from Los Angeles and will be looking for off campus housing for sure. I have not received any financial aid info from UM yet. I did apply for FAFSA back in February for the 2017 academic year, but I'm guessing I will need to apply again since our program starts in 2018. I plan to confirm this with the financial aid office ASAP. Did anyone get details on orientation yet? If anyone knows the exact date of orientation please let us know!
  3. wangja80

    University of Miami Accelerated BSN spring 2018

    Hello all! I'm so glad I found this thread. UM received my application on Apr 19. Three weeks later I received my admissions offer via email. Based on some other threads I've read and my own personal experience, it seems the average turn around time for decisions is about one month. This is pretty fast compared to some other schools I applied to. If you've been waiting for more than a month, I suggest contacting the school to get an update on your application. Anyhoo, I submitted my deposit last week. Now I'm just waiting for the school to send me details on orientation. In the meantime, I need to look into housing options. I'm leaning towards living off campus. If anyone is looking for a roommate hit me up! Go Canes!

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