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  1. Hi all, I am just writing up on this topic in case anyone needs information during there application process , there was not a lot when i was looking earlier this year. I am an Australian Registered nurse, i studied in Queensland at USC and graduated 2016. I have been working as an RN ever since. Before i was an RN i was an EEN for a few years. I started my NNAS application process 29/01/2019. Timeline: Form for registration with AHPRA sent 29/01/2019 via normal Australian post. Requesting a certificate of good standing, also sent the NNAS form to AHPRA to see if they would complete. 29/01/2019: Sent education forms to University of the Sunshine coast to complete via normal post. 30/01/2019: 1st employment: sent employment form to previously worked at hospital on the 30/01/2019 with a registered international envelope inside. 30/01/2019: Current employment form sent to NNAS via Registered international mail on 30/01/2019. 30/01/2019: Student forms sent to SBIT via Australian Registered post on 30/01/2019 with an international registered envelope inside. 31/01/2019: Met with legal public notary. Notarised: Passport, drivers license, birth certificate and marriage certificate. Documents stamped, sealed, red ribbon and associated written document by lawyer also provided. Sent via international registered post. 01/02/2019: 1st employer has sent application form to NNAS via international post. 22/02/2019: AHPRA confirmed they have sent required documents to NNAS. 26/04/2019: documents received and under authentication by NNAS from USC (Uni RN degree) 26/4/19: documents stamped and sent today from SBIT- (TAFE for my EEN diploma) 19/6/2019: NNAS "ready for review" 19/10/2019: Ready for final review. Everything meets requirements. 02/11/2019: NNAS request additional from university via email. Date discrepancy. 06/11/2019: University confirms they have emailed NNAS the required clarification. 07/11/2019: Advisory report issued that night, and received a comparable report at 68.5%. 08/11/2019: applied to CARNA and i have emailed the requested documents. Now awaiting next steps from CARNA. TIPS: Get all your information together as soon as possible. Send the application for AHPRA via their email, not via post (silly mistake on my behalf, i didn't realise i could, this would have made things a bit quicker). Have a big discussion with your uni about what is required, do you own hours breakdown so nothing is missed. The more info they have the better. Ask for a copy of everything they send to NNAS, so the NNAS cant say something was missed (if the NNAS lose something for instance) This will also give you an opportunity to make sure everything looks right and ask the uni to make changes were needed. The schooling stuff takes the longest to get. SEND EVERYTHING via EXPRESS international post- my mistake, my mail took nearly 4 weeks to arrive in the USA, and then one of the forms i sent with an express post arrived after 4 days, this would have sped up my time i believe. The NNAS is slow and will not give you a time frame after they have received all your information. My Nursing hours breakdown from the NNAS report: I had a total of 549 pages of syllabus combined sent to the NNAS. 960 hours of clinical placement 148 hours of lab hours 1050 direct theory hours: Maternal/infant nursing: 8 hours and 2 hours of lab Paeds: 51 theory hours, 2 lab hours and 40 placement hours Mental health: 77 theory hours and 80 hours placement Medical nursing: 296 theory hours, 41 lab hours, 260 placement hours Surgical nursing: 135 theory hours, 34 lab hours, 260 placement hours Geriatric nursing: 114 theory hours, 1 lab hour, 200 placement hours Community Health: 87 theory hours, 8 lab hours, 200 placement hours Anatomy & Physiology: 81 theory hours Pathophysiology: 78 theory hours, 12 lab hours Pharmacology: 124 theory hours, 47 lab hours If anyone has any questions, ask away. Ill update on how CARNA goes, now i might need to study for the NCLEX!
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    Hi, by any chance did you end up going through the NNAS? Did you get a comparable?
  3. ChelseaE92

    Australian nurse NNAS process question

    here is their email reply, if this helps anyone. Hello and thank you for using NNAS! You are correct and we are aware of these modalities with the Australian Nursing Authorities. Therefore we do accept that you comply with their own way for the verification of your registration. AHPRA will only send the certificate of your registration in a sealed envelope directly to our office. You may proceed as they instructed you even as they do not wish to fill the NNAS verification form. We hope this information was clear and helpful. Thank you. Best Regards. NNAS Support team.
  4. ChelseaE92

    AHPRA wont fill out CGFNS form

    Hi, I am currently going this process but the NNAS. Who have partnered with CGFNS. I got this reply from CGFNS this morning. AHPRA have sent their own form (cert of good standing). Hello and thank you for using NNAS! You are correct and we are aware of these modalities with the Australian Nursing Authorities. Therefore we do accept that you comply with their own way for the verification of your registration. AHPRA will only send the certificate of your registration in a sealed envelope directly to our office. You may proceed as they instructed you even as they do not wish to fill the NNAS verification form. We hope this information was clear and helpful. Thank you. Best Regards. NNAS Support team. I hope this is some help.
  5. ChelseaE92

    direct study hours/ CGFNS

    Hi all, just a question to see if anyone knows. I am just needing some clarification in regards to: specific contact hours for each course. Does this mean how many hours you were physically in a class room/or online lecture? or how many hours of study were required in order to complete the course? For instance a course will have 12 units, which is 150 learning hours. But the amount of time specifically spent sitting in a lecture or tutorial might only be 39 hours for a semester? What does CGFNS assess? This is what my Australian uni has said: Directed study hours: The directed study hours listed here are a portion of the workload for this course. A 12 unit course will have total of 150 learning hours which will include directed study hours (including online if required), self-directed learning and completion of assessable tasks. Directed study hours may vary by location. Student workload is calculated at 12.5 learning hours per one unit. Directed study hours: Online lecture: 1 hour per week Tutorial: 2 hours per week 1 semester is 13 weeks. Thanks for any clarification.
  6. ChelseaE92

    Australian nurse NNAS process question

    Update- i have spoken with NNAS tonight and they state they are well aware of AHPRA’s certificate of good standing certificate and they do accept this. I have asked for that as an email confirmation also. I have sent my reguest for a good standing cert to AHPRA yesterday. I’ll let you know how I go.
  7. Hi all, I am currently going through the process of NNAS. My uni has completed these forms before, so hopefully will add lots of detail. Has anyone degree from Australia been comparable? or at least somewhat comparable. And how did everyone get AHPRA to fill out the NNAS form? they state they will not fill it out under any circumstance but will provide NNAS with a certificate of good standing to prove registration. I have all my notarized forms done by a lawyer, and i will send via registered international express post. I have sent my requirements off to my uni. My employee forms are all completed. Does anyone know if the work hours are actually required for anything specific? I will be applying to Alberta. Would love to hear everyone else's experiences or their journey. Thank for any info guys.
  8. ChelseaE92

    CGNFS no high school diploma

    Has anyone applied to the CGFNS without a high school diploma? I didnt finish high school here, but i have a cert 3 in nursing, diploma of nursing, advance diploma of nursing and a bachelor of nursing science. What did you do if you were in this situation ? If i were to have graduated it would have been in 2009 i left in 2008. I have tried to ring them but they wont answer questions until i pay the $500. Thanks!
  9. ChelseaE92

    Australian Nurse wants to work in USA

    Do my replies work?
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    HI AlphaFemaleNZ, did you end getting to the usa with Avant would you recommend them? Im from Aus.
  11. ChelseaE92

    Obs component for USA- From AUS

    Where is everyone getting there OBS component to apply to the BON in the USA? Deakin does not offer this, i rang them this morning they shut the program down in 2015 because they said the US does not accept it anymore. Otago polytechnic in NZ have no idea what i'm talking about and do not offer anything like it unless you want to do their 3 year midwifery degree, i spoke to them twice this morning. From my understanding the only way around this is to enter the first semester of a midwifery degree/ post graduate diploma in Aus and then drop out after first placement. I have tried to google schools in the USA with no luck. I have rung 14 universities in Australia, none offer anything like it or single units of study. HELP!!!
  12. ChelseaE92

    Australian Nurse wants to work in USA

    Hey silverdragon, thanks for that info! I would probably like to go to Arkansas the most, I have to ring them tomorrow night to ask them what they will accept for my OB hours, as we don't do that here, so i'm thinking i should do the first semester of Midwifery and get a transcript for that and i might ask them how many hours they actually need.
  13. ChelseaE92

    Passed the NCLEX - Foreign educated Nurse

    Im trying to find the same thing, for OB, i think my child client elective at uni will suffice for the paeds part, it was a whole semester just on children! im wondering if the best thing to do is the first semester of midwifery? apparently otago polytechnic college in NZ does some make up courses but i cant find it on their website. I also found this through Flinders uni here in aus, but not sure of the clinical hours as it does not state that it does prac just theory, i have emailed them though. Obstetric & Neonatal Nursing - Flinders University Anyone else find the solution?
  14. ChelseaE92

    Obstetrics hours for Australian nurse moving to usa

    Obstetric & Neonatal Nursing - Flinders University Has anyone used this from flinders uni? I dont know how you would get the practical hours! Why cant uni here just have a subject on this! Have you had any luck?
  15. Hi allnurses community! I have some questions if anyone with experience can help. E3 visa. I have a Bachelors degree in nursing- Bachelor of Nursing Science. I have RN and advance EEN (LPN) experience in Nephrology and dialysis and emergency. I chose the Child Client- as my elective, as in Australia we don't do paeds or OB as part of the usual curriculum. I'm hoping that my 6 month elective will suffice for the paeds part. The OB part i have no idea how to gain as you would have to do the midwifery degree here in Australia. (any help help would be greatly appreciated!) I would prefer not to go with nursing agencies- such as Avant and conexus- i think its because i think they are all fake. Questions: 1. Confused on NCLEX, you have to apply to BON in the state you would like to work, but when i go on their websites, it seems like some require you to already have passed the NCLEX, which is rather confusing. 2. Do you have to go through the CGFNS before you can sit NCLEX so they can determine if your degree is good enough? 3. Is it a back and forth thing between applying to your BON and sitting for NCLEX, like half the application is filled then you can sit NCLEX and then the rest is processed after NCLEX is passed? 4. Has anyone from Australia been successful in getting hired in the US without an agency? I would like to work in the south either Arkansas, Ohio or Kentucky. Would you say the process was nearly impossible to trying to apply by yourself? I get asked this all the time: "why do you want to work there (USA)? Ill clarify: I feel the US is my home, i have been going there my whole life, my nana is an american citizen, her mother is also one and her husband (my great grandad) a Native American Indian, my mother was born in the US military in Singapore to an Australian father who had the choice of her having either a Singapore passport american passport or Australian, he chose Australian, so i am unable to petition for any US visa other then working. We have been trying for a family visa for nearly 10 years but due to the year my mum was born the laws have not been grandfathered for women to take citizenship from their mother. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TYIA
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    Is Conexus medstaff reliable?

    Hi, Just wondering if you ever found out more about them or if you went with them?