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  1. cbatal

    Fired By My Patients

    I can say the few times this has happened to me I understand how unnerving it can be. Maybe like others have said your patients find your soft spokenness as you being rude although you don't intend that at all. I always say that you sometimes have to come out of your shell and own situations even if you're unsure--just always ask for help. Also remember maybe it wasn't you maybe they were having a bad day. Don't take it personally and just be the best nurse you know you can be.
  2. cbatal

    Why are nurses disrespected so much?

    I think it depends on where you're at, because I can say that where I am this doesn't occur often and when and if it does we have no problem calling out the person who is acting like a "mean girl". Remember you went into nursing to help people and I know that sometimes it seems like you're unappreciated but trust me that one patient who thanks you for all you do will make up for all the others.
  3. cbatal

    The Unpredictable Work of Dying

    Wonderful article, this is such a hard thing to explain to families and you said it perfectly.