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  1. Southpawdown

    Can't find a job

    Sadly, it sounds like usual and customary for HR.
  2. Southpawdown

    Help! Manager is making schedule a nightmare

    I did ask.The posting was for day shift and the agreement was for a minimum of 9 shifts/month commitment. I would have to sign up for shifts that were open after the FT nurses selected their days so I may not always get the exact dates I wanted to work but that was ok since I'm planned on being flexible. It's when the offer letter arrived and was so generic that I started asking questions. I've worked PRN before and the offer letter always spelled out the specifics. The letter was also missing the shift diff amounts. That's when I was informed the needs of the unit had changed since my interview, nights was more in need and I would be listed as "variable" so if I signed up for a day shift, wasn't needed but nights needed someone then I would "flip" to nights for that shift. After talking to the Director again this past week she is not able/willing to provide what she initially stated in the interview she could and I am not able/willing to work nights so I passed on the offer.
  3. Southpawdown

    Help! Manager is making schedule a nightmare

    I'm sorry for what you are dealing with but am so glad you posted this as something VERY similar is happening to me though my position doesn't start until next week. I agreed to a PRN day shift at a hospital until a FT or PT position opened up, which during the interview I was told would be around the first of Jan, Feb at the latest as another nurse is leaving due to pregnancy. I made it clear when interviewing I could only work days. There was no issue as the Director stated she had someone for nights as well as someone who wanted to "flip" between days and nights. I find out Friday I am listed as "variable" PRN and inquired about what that meant. You guessed it, that I will be available for ANY hours needed. I will be scheduled to work a certain date but it could be nights one date and days another. I contacted the Director who said her "needs for the unit had changed in the past few days", etc ,etc. Like you, the agreement hasn't turned out to be at all what was discussed. I have another job so I do not have to move forward with this one. I was wanting to get back into the hospital setting and not work M-F anymore but now, I don't trust the new employer or at least not the Director. Like you, had I not received a copy of the upcoming schedule, I would have had no idea the agreement had changed. Interestingly, the final offer letter on Friday was so general that that is the reason I asked about any of it since there was no specification of day shift, agreed number of shifts a month etc. I thought maybe this was an isolated incident or just this employer but now, reading what you are dealing with, I guess not. I don't understand how employers expect a certain level of trust/professionalism/professional courtesy but don't think to extend that to the employee.
  4. Southpawdown

    Does the exhaustion go away?

    Is is possible for you to relocate closer to your new job or stay closer on the nights you have to work back to back shifts?
  5. Southpawdown

    Please Give ME any Good Reason to Stay in the Nursing Field

    Nursing Directors at some hospitals make close to 6 figures - at least where I live and those that are CNO's for sure do.
  6. Southpawdown

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Off topic but Viva..I LOVE the quote you have at the bottom of your post.
  7. Southpawdown

    Not sure how to handle this situation with recent interview

    just posted it :)
  8. Southpawdown

    Not sure how to handle this situation with recent interview

    Thanks to all who have replied..I thought I was the only one this type situation had happened to but evidently not which says a lot about the hiring system these days. As far as my situation..I called this morning and left a message for the person I interviewed with. She called back while I was not able to answer but didn't leave a message (caller ID) so I just called again and she answered. At first she acted like she didn't recall us interviewing over the phone (literally a few days ago!) then said "Ah yes. I remember now. " I explained to her I was just touching base and also mentioned the email I received while talking with her originally and that I noticed the position was no longer listed as of this morning. Her response was "Um..yes, when I hung up with you my Director told me the position was filled." I politely said "But when you called me you said your Director had just given you my resume and asked you to call me because you were the one who would make the hiring decision overall." She said nothing for a few seconds then said "My bad I guess." I just thanked her for her time and hung up. I don't know what happened or why but frankly, I know I did well in the interview and more than meet the requirements they are looking for, so for whatever their deal is, I am happy at this point not to be a part of it.
  9. This is a first for me, I received a call about a job I had applied for about a week ago yesterday. It was the assistant unit manager. She asked me if we could have the telephone interview immediately if I had time. I said "sure" She was very nice, asking me questions, telling me about the position but while I am on the phone with her (I was sitting in front of my computer when she called) I receive an email from the facility stating I was not selected for the position! What? I'm in the middle of the telephone interview, literally, when this notification arrives. She tells me at the end of the telephone interview she will be in touch and for me to call her directly with any questions. I did not mention to her about the email arriving while we were talking as I wanted to make sure I was reading it correctly. I was. I don't know if I should call her and ask for about it or just let it go and assume while we were talking she had already decided I would not be a good fit for the job. She did say that she had a "lot" of influence about who would be hired as she had been there since this particular dept had opened and for the most part the Director leaves it to her. I have reached the point with the interview process after this incident yesterday I am just going to stay where I am. The little bit of self esteem I have is just taking too much of a beating with how it all seems to be in the HR/hiring world now.
  10. Southpawdown

    Question for Hiring Managers/Directors

    I understand the concern the hiring mangers and HR may have about applicants being pests, misunderstanding something they say etc. but by and large I don't think most who interview for a position are like this. I think most, myself included, are just asking for a courteous response given our time to interview/shadow etc is equally, though I know differently, as valuable as the person hiring. I do not understand the lack or seemingly lack of professionalism.To send an email stating "still interviewing" " position filled" whatever takes less than 10 secs. or the employers could have ways for an applicant to check their application weekly for updates but then again if they can't send an email or answer a voice message I guess updating things in the system wouldn't work either. It leaves a bad impression on the one who interviews of the potential employer. I know these days that probably doesn't matter to the potential employer since many are flooded with applicants. It's just the interview process and waiting are already so stressful or all involved, it seems some of that is a direct result of the lack of follow up.
  11. Southpawdown

    Question for Hiring Managers/Directors

    For those who are in positions to hire, I'm curious as to why there seems to be a lack of response to emails or call requesting an update post interview. I'm not talking about someone who calls 2 days later or multiple times, I'm referencing someone who interviews then follows up a week or two later but still receives no response. I get everyone is busy, things come up or a decision may not have been made or someone if off for the day/week. I also understand there may be some who are in positions to hire that don't feel they need to provide anything unless a job is offered but it seems more and more nurses, including myself, who are actively seeking positions, will spend hours (understandably so) interviewing/shadowing/sometimes second interviewing without learning the outcome and eventual realize, of course, the job isn't/wasn't going to be offered. I thought at first maybe it was just my experience or the area I live but after talking to a few other nurses, this seems to be the rule rather than exception. I am not looking to get bashed - I'm just seriously curious as to why this is the case or seems to be the case more often than not these days. Especially when, in some cases, a follow up or decision or way or the other, is promised.
  12. Southpawdown

    Thinking of quitting my new job.

    I'm curious as to why if you didn't know how to correctly document and you said no one showed you, why didn't you ask? It sounds like part of the problem is the staff there but it also sounds like an equal part is you. As a professional and a not so new nurse, it would seem reasonable that you would ask questions about how something is done at a new job if not shown. It's not just about accountability but about protecting yourself against accusations like those that you said have been made against you (falsifying records). Sounds like your personality and the personality of the staff at this job just don't mesh. If you have other options I'd go with what a few others have said, resign and move on while you have the choice because it sounds like if you don't, your manager will be making the decision for you.
  13. Southpawdown

    Torn between jobs

    Take the Urgent care job - obviously it's the better of the 2. All nurses don't have to have hospital experience nor do all nurses want hospital experience. Hospital jobs will always be available..jobs like you have been offered in the urgent care clinic, not so much.
  14. Southpawdown

    Am I being too sensitive?

    That nurse sounds like she has some serious problems with control - both over the situation she is in and her mouth. Nursing is extremely stressful and certainly there are patients and staff and families that try one's patience of course, but her behavior suggests she is borderline abusive and plain mean. A few others have commented that nurses are like this on most units or similar, I politely disagree. While I have worked with some not so nice nurses, I have to say they remain professional and I have never witnessed what you did. You will find sour nurses just as you will find sour people in other areas but someone who is in a position of power so to speak, in caring for someone who is unable to care for themselves, and behaves as she did in front of you, I can only imagine what she is like when no one is watching or the patient is unable to communicate.
  15. Southpawdown

    is this worth it?

    If you really love the other company you should stick with them. Most home health agencies - at least where I live - have call rotation but like one of the other posters said, it's for answering calls not normally doing visits. I am surprised though you feel driving 30 minutes is too far to see a patient. Most agencies cover multiple counties/geographical areas and those where I live can cover 50 miles or more one way. I am also surprised you are not getting mileage on top of your salary but maybe I missed that part. Bottom line is this smaller company doesn't sound like a good fit for you for a variety of reasons.