Tired of hospitals complaining about staffing - maybe it's HR and not the nurses?


Forewarning. This is a vent..I am sick of hearing on tv, reading in multiple places about nursing shortages in hospitals. I am being inundated with emails, texts and calls from "head hunters" and HR people who work for hospital systems about positions. But..when I tell them I left bedside nursing a few years ago for a change of pace but am open to returning to a hospital setting the door seems to shut and no consideration is given to the fact I am still a nurse and a d!@# good one. But it seems if you are not 24/7/365 tied to bedside nursing then you are not considered a "real" nurse. 

I understand things change rapidly in a hospital setting and Covid has only exaggerated the changes BUT there are a few of us nurses who have not been at the bedside in a few years that have plenty to offer and would be willing AND able to step up and return to the hospital setting. But because there is no "2 year recent experience in a hospital setting" many nurses AND their skill sets AND experience are being overlooked/ignored. I understand new grads in need of employment are facing this as well even with the hospital advertises "new grads welcome"

Maybe it's just the hospital systems in the area I live but after reading posts on here and elsewhere it seems to be a systemic issue. 

The hospitals and their HR teams need to stop ***ing as it's their choice to not be open to looking at seasoned nurses who chose to do something other than the hospital setting - even short term - that are willing to return (FT, PT or PRN) especially now.

Venting done!