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Substance Abuse, Acute Care
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cvh1576 has 13 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Substance Abuse, Acute Care.

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  1. cvh1576

    Online RN Programs

    Hello, Does anyone know of any online RN private programs? I work full time as a CNA and my job will not budge on accommodating me for school. I'm trying to find ways to attend school. I'm older, (44) and I do not want to wait to do all of the prerequisites. Any suggestions?
  2. cvh1576

    Psychiatric Technician Program

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on the program for Psych Tech at Hacienda La Puente Adult School, specifically what are the hours of classes? I want to get into the program but I work full time swing shift so I'm wondering what time class would end? Thank You
  3. Hello, I just finished my orientation for the adolescent psych unit. I can understand the anxiety, I'm with you on that. Today will be my first day alone on the floor, well, not being on orientation anymore. I have some anxiety and a little scared but on my floor everyone seems to help and have your back. I've never worked with kids myself so it's a new experience for me also. I've learned to demand respect, set boundaries and they'll give you respect back. Treat them like a human being. They'll try to manipulate you if they know you're new but thats every where. I come from a background of working with substance abuse and it's kind of the same thing. Set boundaries, be observant, watch your back, stay humble.
  4. cvh1576

    CNA to LVN

    Hello, I was about to go directly into RN but I decided to do LVN first. My reasons: I have to work, I need a steady income. I've been a CNA since 2007 with a lot of experience. I live in Southern Ca. What schools do you all recommend? I do not want to go to another private school, I already did that and I owe tons of money on school loans. Any suggestions, advise or thoughts are appreciated. Thank You
  5. cvh1576

    Who Can Supervise Nurses?

    Hello, This might sound like common sense but believe me a lot of people do not know this answer. Some background, I work for a substance abuse treatment center. Among the medical staff we have 1 RN, several LVN's, LPT's, EMT's, MA's and CNA's. We have all been very upset and a lot of people are leaving and/or looking for other work because people are finding out our supervisor does not have a license or even a certification. Just recently HR posted a job opening looking to hire a lead. I emailed HR asking if the "lead" has to have a nursing license and the response was yes. I was of course confused because my own supervisor does not hold any credentials at all, I'm a CNA. My supervisor received this position because her step father was someone in upper management. She was also told when getting this position she will either have to be enrolled in a nursing program or receiving her degree, that was about 4 years ago. This person has acted like a nurse this whole time, giving flu shots, TB's, when JCAHO and State came she was in meetings with them and doing "nursing" duties. Let me know your opinions, thoughts.
  6. cvh1576

    CNA Corrections Interview

    Hello Everyone, I have an interview tomorrow with Chino State prison. What are some of the most common questions being asked? Thank you for the help in advance.
  7. cvh1576

    PCA Interview

    Hello, I'm a CNA and I have an interview with a magnet hospital, for this hospital we're called PCA's. Just wondering if anyone can share or give suggestions on what to expect or give examples of questions and answers in an interview? Thank you in advance.
  8. cvh1576

    CNA Nursing

    Thank you very much for the response. Sounds good to me.
  9. cvh1576

    CNA Nursing

    Hello, I'm considering applying for CNA correctional. What do you all think about that? Pros/cons Thank you all.
  10. cvh1576


    Hello all, So I'm having a hard time on making a decision on which route to go. I'm a CNA and my goal is to be an RN. I'm wondering if I should just do LVN first then go through LVN to RN route? I don't want to go through a vocational school, too much money, thinking of community college, like Riverside Community College. I do not have any prerequisites done. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.
  11. cvh1576

    Challenging the LVN Board

    Thank you for your response, that gives me a sense of relief that theres success challenging the board. The only Med/Surg, peds and pharmacology credits i have is through the school attended, which i think is sufficient. Thank you again.
  12. cvh1576

    Challenging the LVN Board

    I agree things do happen in life, I'm a breast cancer survivor so I understand about things happening. I really have no reason to leave California right now, born and raised, all of my family is here also. I appreciate the advice and suggestions, with that I'm going to try to challenge the board. Much love and respect to you all. í ½í±
  13. cvh1576

    Challenging the LVN Board

    Thank you for the response. I'm going to try to challenge the board, I have no intentions on moving out of state. I've been dealing with this for awhile just scared but I'm finally going to just try. I'll never know if I don't try. I just don't want to go pay for another course if I don't have to. If i do go back it will be for my RN.
  14. cvh1576

    Challenging the LVN Board

    Sorry I'm in CA. I do have the 51 hours of pharm from the LVN course I took.
  15. cvh1576

    Challenging the LVN Board

    Hello all, Question: I'm a CNA and I worked in an acute hospital from 2007-2014, currently work in a chemical dependency center. Would my acute hospital experience be enough to challenge the board? I also have transcripts from a LVN school i attended that I didn't finish, I only needed 8 clinical hours. Thank you in advance.

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