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  1. Mbshil

    New Grads ....how long until they can float ?

    In my facility new grads are not supposed to float for twelve months. Experienced nurses after three months
  2. To KansasNurseD I totally agree with you. It is frustrating that patients and their families are informed of their rights, but we have to endure abuse left and right. Where are our rights? The most obnoxious/rudest and loudest patients are kept apeace to basically "shut them, up" It is a shame that the pleasant ,nice ones sometimes have to get the short end of the stick cause we are busy dealing with the jerks.
  3. Mbshil

    Is it too late for me?

    I was finished with my ADN program at the age of 48.ANd let me tell you , I did not regret it. I had the advantage that when I entered a patient's room, patients automatically trusted me and felt comfortable just because they thought I had been a nurse for many years. Age in this case , can really be helpful, and life experience definitely counts.
  4. I was just selected as Nurse of the Year, and my photo will be placed on a poster in our hospital. QUite frankly I am somewhat embarrassed and nervous about it. I was excited about being selected but now I am scared and dont know what to wear. Has anybody been through something like this? They want to take my picture next week, and I am not sure what to wear. Scrubs - of course. But printed ? Solid colors? What looks good? ANy ideas, friends?
  5. Mbshil

    Precepting...am I ready?

    I think you will be fine as a preceptor. I attended a workshop not too long ago, and research shows that the best preceptors , are the ones with 1- 5 years experience.if you have more experience it is harder to remember how hard it is in the beginning and they have a hard time relating to new grads/ new staff in general.If you enjoy your work,are resourceful, positive and patient - you have nothing to worry about.There is quite abit of literature out there that can help you, too.
  6. Mbshil

    Boredom in long-term patients!

    I really appreciate everybody's input so far.I like the idea in engaging him in some form of work like re-stocking things etc.Will suggest that next time I go to work.He is not at all interested in TV, movies,or Video games. There is no family support. Any more thoughts?
  7. Mbshil

    Boredom in long-term patients!

    We have a patient on our floor that has been there for over four months. He was admitted with a closed head injury , and as of now is not ready for discharge and there is no funding in place to transfer him to a rehab facility. he is getting increasingly agitated and of course bored, becuase we have barely anything for him to do. he has a sitter all the time, and besides playing cards he just wanders the hallways.At times he is so exhausted , and his feet are swollen, but he just does not sleep.He constantly comes to the nursing station, asking for his "pain pill". it is getting annoying to the nurses, not only the one that has him as a patient, we all are getting "tired' of him. Anybody have any suggestions?
  8. I work on a Trauma Floor and we do not have a standing Alcohol Assessment Tool we use.Quite often we deal with homeless , alcoholic patients and when necessary we give Librium, Ativan per MD order.But it takes at times a while to get the MD's to order something etc. We also serve beer with meals at times. How are you dealing with alcoholic patients in your faciltiy, and could you send me a copy of your assessment tool? I am looking to develop an order set that is Nurses driven for our patients that are struggling with alcoholism.Any help would be great. Thanks to all!
  9. Mbshil

    How much air is too much

    How do you handle the alarm by the IV pumps , when it says: Air in line. Some pumps let you advance it , others don't. I heard one RN say that if the bubble is the size of champagne bubble it will not harm the patient. I had a patient in a panic rip his IV out cause he saw a tiny bubble traveling up his IV line. He was in total panic and thought that once this bubble reaches his blood stream he would surely die. ANybody have any thoughts and rational for me?