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  1. Sanfranjflo

    Nervous about license renewal

    Never been in your situation, but it sounds like you have a good lawyer. I wish you the best. It’s out of your control now so leave your trust in your lawyer. It’s going to be OK.
  2. Sanfranjflo

    California Nurses

    @RNwithDoglet, I hope you are released soon. I have 2 years left. I am in the looking for a job stage. Did you have any difficulties finding a job? I have a panel interview on Thursday and I am a mess. Nice to meet you.
  3. Sanfranjflo

    California Nurses

    I would love to connect with some fellow nurses in probation or diversion. I am in diversion and live in the Bay Area.
  4. Sanfranjflo

    Job Interview

    I have a job interview on Thursday and I am a complete mess over it. I am so anxious about disclosing my monitoring. Any advice on what to say? This is a panel interview and so that makes it more nerve wracking to me. I am very proud of my recovery and I am doing so well. I am so excited to get back to working.
  5. Sanfranjflo


    In Diversion you can not be on stimulants. They made me start taking Straterra. I would not tell them you are unsafe to practice without Vyvanse because they might actually deem you as unsafe to practice. I don’t know what is allowed on probation but in Diversion it’s on the banned list. Best of luck to you. You will get through this!
  6. Sanfranjflo


    Diversion only cost 25 dollars a month. In Diversion you don’t have to pay to have a physical or mental health exam. The mental health exam is included. I drug test about once a week but I hear it decreases the longer you are in the program. The probation people in my group attend less AA/NA meetings than the Diversion people. Luckily, I have great insurance that paid for my rehab that was required for Diversion. Otherwise, I don’t think the cost is much different between the two.
  7. Sanfranjflo

    CA. How many of you on probation wish you chose diversion?

    I would pick Diversion so it doesn’t go on your license. Probation and Diversion are basically the same. I’m in diversion and I am very glad I chose that over probation. The people in probation in my nurse support group don’t have to attend as many AA meetings and that’s about the only difference. Probationers have to work to get off probation and people in diversion don’t have to work to graduate. The program for both is 3 years.