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  1. I am from Canada and our accelerated BSN programs are 2 years. Sometimes they are 2 consecutive years (no break) and other times there may be like one 3 month break (so 18 months total). I am just curious how long they are in the states because I heard they are only a year long? THanks!
  2. Raven1994

    I just failed out ! HELP !

    WHY did you fail for the second time, though? Ask yourself this question and dig deep to discover the exact reasons that lead you to fail. Before you think about applying somewhere else, make sure you know the answer to that.
  3. Raven1994

    Will having a BA hurt being hired as an LPN?

    No. If anything, it will expand your opportunities. Having both a BA and an LPN could make you qualified to pursue healthcare research or more "behind the scenes" work in healthcare :)
  4. Thanks! But I plan on doing an accelerated BSN which is only 2 years.
  5. Raven1994

    Thoughts on 1st semester.

    Are you in an accelerated program? An LPN? A 4-year BSN?
  6. Hi, I am a pre-nursing student that is just about to graduate from my first bachelor's degree. During my undergrad I was fortunate to have participated on multiple research projects. A paper that I co-authored is about to be published in the BMJ. I focused my undergrad on research since I was first considering doing a research-related masters degree. Anyways, after I finish my accelerated nursing degree and work as a nurse, I am wondering if publishing more research would be a very real possibility to pursue as a nurse? Thanks!
  7. Raven1994

    Comparing A Nurses' Salary

    19$ an hour?!?! That's almost insulting for an RN! We go through 4-6 years of intensive university education!
  8. Raven1994

    Comparing A Nurses' Salary

    Where I'm from new grads earn a median of 53,000 - 58 000 Dollars. Median lifetime salary is 70, 000. The range is usually 53000 - 85 000 per year. Many RNs do earn above 100 000 though (that gives me hope! Lol). I plan to work a few years as an RN, earn a bunch of "extra" credentials, and then apply to masters programs to become an NP :)