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  1. My probation just started, and I managed to get a job in dialysis in New Hampshire. My license is in Connecticut, and so I'm applying for a reciprocal license. Do you know how much additional time it will take with my license on probation? I know they have to set me up with their own monitoring program. Thank you.
  2. peacedove

    What job can I do on probation?

    Hi, you can contact this email sjryan69@gmail.com
  3. peacedove

    What job can I do on probation?

    I can't give controlled meds for a year. I'm barred from home health, travel nursing, and a few other things. My only experience is bedside 4 years in LTC and 3 years in psychiatric nursing. Never been a supervisor, and a lot of the desk jobs want administration experience. The only job I'm sure I can do is dialysis, and I'm striking out with those jobs despite being told that I "interviewed well." I don't know where to go. I live in CT, and am willing to move but do not want to.
  4. peacedove

    Anyone get into an NP program with the minimum GPA?

    Hi, I want to give you some hope, because I also went on this site, feeling terrified, and heartbroken. So rude, telling people to find another profession when they have a less than perfect GPA. Nothing would deter me, so I applied to a program anyway, with my 2.67 GPA. I got into an NP program (not an online one, either) in the Spring semester, with two years experience in my field. They said the essay was the most important part: prove that you are smart with your essay. Maybe they just had an extra spot to fill! That's life, people. Sometimes you get another opportunity to be the good student that you wanted to be before, now that you're older and wiser. Don't give up, by any means, and at least apply!