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  1. Shesblessed

    Is it normal to feel doubtful?

    Very encouraging thanks
  2. Shesblessed

    Pre Nursing Mom, wife working full time.

    i dont know u but im proud of you lol i can only imagine how hard it is, and you are half way through!! what an inspiration i cant wait. thank you so much. good luck to you.
  3. Shesblessed

    Pre Nursing Mom, wife working full time.

    thank you !
  4. Hey guys, First off I need to change my username. I know it says future RN but I dont know if that is allowed??? Im not sure. I know this question has been asked before but I just wanted my own thread, with my own situation. I am a mother of 3 (9, 4, 6month old). I am taking pre reqs right now hopefully to enter nursing school by Fall 2019. I just finished my CNA class yay!! I am wanting to become an RN the school I am looking into provides the ADN program. I make 55,000 a year now, I am just not happy where I am. I feel like nursing is my calling. I did the CNA classes so that I can get a feel for the nursing enviroment, and possibly work as a cna on weekends while in nursing school. Is this just wishful thinking. Is it possible to have 3 kids, work part time, and nursing school. I have lots of family, and husband for support. I have a little money save--hopefully school loans and grants, and tax refund can help out as well. I am pretty organized, and I love planning. Do you think nursing school is possible for me.
  5. Shesblessed

    Tell me it can be done?

    Op i could have wrote this post myself. I wish you success on your journey. Based on research i have done it will be very tough, but doable and worth it.
  6. Shesblessed

    OSU-OKC Nursing Spring '17

    Hey you guys í ½í¸€ congrats to all of you that were accepted. Can any of you update what your class schedule is like for the week, is it as hard as some people say? We're there any supplies or books that you needed that were not on the list posted on the site that you ended up having to buy? How much were your books, and did you get them all at the same time? Thanks guys good luck to you all. O can't wait until I can finally start this process.