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  1. hdhillonca

    Licensing procedure

    Thanks for the reply, I am new to this site..Just wondering if there is any province to apply on nursing basis to get fast and easy visa to get in Canada but I will start my process now??? Would they allow me to give licensing exam before I get here or plz send me any other website where I will get all this information????
  2. hdhillonca

    NURSES - Please read this (NNAS, CARNA, CNAO, CNBC)

    On what basis did you apply to Canada???What is the best or easy way to get here???Could u please give me a little details before I apply to Canada????
  3. hdhillonca

    Licensing procedure

    What is the licensing procedure from outside of Canada as an International candidate to give exam for LPN or RN??? Do I have to be a resident of Canada to qualify for giving exam???