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  1. Criello70

    Get your med surg experience early!

    I wanted to pass on some advice and help other avoid some pit-falls. I did psych nurse as my residency... as cool as it is, I think that I seriously handicapped myself right out of the gate every time i try to pick up shifts on another unit, or even consider moving permanently, i get the same speech... "well... you are a psych nurse... you really don't have any med sug experience". med surg is a pain... its hard grunt work... but its like paying dues. you get the foundation, and you can go anywhere later. nurse residency programs are attractive, but if you dont get that foundation, you may find that other floor managers wont touch you, because they are from that old school "get your time in the trenches" (to be honest, i am beginning to think they are right)
  2. Criello70

    Time to remove the "nurse" in APN?

    physician assistant sounds a whole lot less impressive than nurse practitioner PA are masters level caregivers who work under the direct supervision of an MD. most wanted to go to med school and couldn't for various reasons nurse practitioners are (supposed) to be ADVANCED level nurses who have been in the game for a long long time and now its time for them deliver quality next level care. arnp are a different animal. they see the patient from the nurses eye. you have to be a nurse to truly understand what that means. no... do not take nurse from arnp. NURSE is their core.
  3. welcome to nursing, rookie. it wont be your last stick. it happens. don't freak out. In a few years you'll be sniffing psuedomonus wounds like old school ditto paper lol stay cool, keep giving good care and put away your phone on the job. don't get distracted. take your time, and do it right. don't rush... (but work quickly) you are likely just fine... its pretty rare that nurses actually get an infection (percentage wise, considering the nuber of exposures we have) and remember.... gloves are a relatively new addition to nursing..... old school nurses remember smoking at the nurses station and hoping an acrylic nail didn't come off during a fecal impaction. *grin*
  4. Criello70

    I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    you sound burned out. take a break and come back when your head is clear. you are no good to your patients who need you if your head is a mess while you are gone, maybe youll remember why you chose this life in the first place. its ok to take a break and come back clean
  5. Thinking about nursing in sunny Florida? Questions about school, the job, money and all the rest? I'm sitting here at work on a slow evening and I felt like writing a little primer about Nursing in Florida. I have been at this gig for 20 years, and if you include my dues paid as the son of a 50 year ICU nurse, then I have pretty much been born and bred for this gig. First off... all of you Yankees thinking about coming to Florida... you are not going to get paid what you make up north. Get over it. However, on the upside, you don't have state income tax, not union dues and 100k buys a LOT of house in florida. Lpn's paid about 20 (give or take a buck or 2) RN's make $25-$30 (unit managers in long term care make about 65k) ARNP will get you about 80-100k LPN are not going to get a hospital job for the most part. they are phased out from acute care and are utilized in long term care or skilled nursing... the latter of which looks like a med surg/ortho floor 20 years ago, acuity wise Its not hard to find work, but the florida board of nursing does not have a sense of humor that anyone has discovered. Disclose everything.... no matter how trivial or far in the past. they WILL find everything you ever did..... including that cookie you stole when you were 8 The BON is understanding if you have a past... they just want you to be honest about it. You will have to explain yourself if you screwed up back in the day.... but if its been 3-5 years and you have been a good citizen, your chances are good for approval.... When it comes to nursing school... grades count... a lot. Not for getting a job.... just for entrance (then no one gives a hoot). If you are going to the community colleges, you better have 3.0 minimum.... 3.5 to be remotely competitive. The local state colleges get many hundreds of applicants every semester and accept about 35 (not even exaggerating a little bit) More than likely youll be going to the private schools..... to the tune of $30-$50k when its all said and done. Also not exaggerating. those schools will be accredited and you will be able to sit for the boards, but most nursed carry more in school debt than they paid for their little florida style starter home. The good news is that if you work for a non profit for a decade and make your payments during that time, the feds will wipe out most of your remaining debt. (Or you can play the many many lotto games we have in florida) There is a huge difference between lpn and rn. Like it or not, nurses eat their young. They always have, and they always will. A lot of new rns that were bridged over old lpns have a cocky attitude and will treat their cohorts like red headed stepchildren. A good CNA (paid $12-$14 and hour) is still worth their weight in gold and are not given nearly the credit or respect they are deserved. They save the nurses ***** on the regular and are often the first to notice a serious clinical change because they know their people like the back of their hand... up close and personal (if you know what I mean) Legally, there isn't much difference between lpn and rn in florida. Nurse practice act pretty much says lpn cant hang blood, chemo or push IV meds (no regular iv unless they take the 30 hour iv course). There is that little sentence where it says (lpn works under the direction of the rn)... which is a crock in practicality. Your license is your license and if you screw up, its on you... you can pass it off on someone else... Frankly, with staffing always so short rn and lpn work side by side in many facilities with very little, to no difference.... a nurse is a nurse on some level. Make no mistake... for those of you thinking lpn or rn.... there IS a difference in money and initial critical thinking training... but in the end, its up to you to keep your skills sharp and always be learning. A lot of old war horses forget their passion. There is a high degree of burn out. Don't let a miserably old bat ruin you as a nurse. Step back from time to time and remember why you became a nurse in the first place Maybe you start as an lpn to start making money and bridge over to rn Maybe you stay an lpn and earn a good living Maybe you go straight to RN (Don't go nursing if you think you are going to be a doctor... its not the same career..... and I know a lot of docs who are pretty sure that its not even close to being worth it). Whatever you choose.... remember what nursing is all about.... caring, compassion and looking after those in need, who may be at their lowest (or last) point in life Don't come for the money... just be good at what you do, and the money will be there don't do it for the blood and guts and cool medical procedures... med carts and chest tubes get old real quick. Be there for the people who need you ps. if you are a male, you will be a minority in a sea of beautiful women who like to compete for attention. Do your self a favor... shut up, don't flirt and don't let a little **** ruin your job. there is always one (or 4) in every facility. every guy has had to change jobs on the fly for unzipping his fly lmao
  6. Criello70

    PHSC 2017 Fall Nursing

    Congrats to all those tha got in... truly.
  7. Criello70

    PHSC 2017 Fall Nursing

    Letters in mail. I got wait listed for rn bridge. Guess I'm going to Rasmussen lol
  8. Criello70

    PHSC 2017 Fall Nursing

    Go To ADMISSIONS Office. Bring the app you downloaded online (they might have some) Bring teas scores, in less thru have them online for you. Pat at bookstore amd go back to admissions wirh receipt It's pretty painless Only a week left
  9. Criello70

    PHSC Nursing Hopefuls - Fall 2016

    Lpn to Rn bridge. Composite 75 2.8 gpa 78 teas County resident I feel like I might get declined after seeing everyone else's scores. .... guess I might be laying Rasmussen 20k Ugh.
  10. Criello70

    PHSC 2017 Fall Nursing

    Throwing my hat in the ring Rn bridge program 2.8 GPA 78 teas I have a ba in psychology from usf, but I don't think that has any weight. I looked at some other threads... I'm not overly hopeful, but I have a sense of humor If I don't get in, I go pay Rasmussen 20k. I've been a nurse for 20 years. If anyone has worked out the formulas, I will be interested to know my score. I live in County

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