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  1. Hi everyone! I got my RN license a few months ago, and graduated a couple of months before that. My state (California) is extremely impacted and I have had difficulty even landing an interview despite attending job fairs, walking in to the hospital, and having extensive volunteer experience + an externship. I'm starting to look at relocating, and have heard about North Dakota and parts of more rural Texas tend to hire new grads frequently. However, not sure how accurate this is now because most topics I could find discussing this are at least a couple years old, and this could have changed. Are there any states/locations in particular that are less impacted with new grad nurses and are likely to hire?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a new grad and went to a career fair about a month ago where I networked with the assistant nurse director of a unit I want to work on. However, at the time of meeting her, I had already received a notification that I was a viable applicant but they had gone with someone else for the positions. I e-mailed the assistant director later that day to follow up and talk about how it was great to meet her and re-iterate how interested I was to work on one of her units. I also asked if it would be ok if I e-mailed her in the future to let her know that I was applying if any future positions opened up. I didn't get a response (I'm sure she's very busy). Now, there's a position that has recently opened up that's more specific to new grads. I want to e-mail her and let her know that I sent in an application - would it come off as too annoying since she never responded to my prior e-mail? She was very friendly and receptive when I met her at the job fair if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for your response! What should I list then, as I have to put something and I have no experience as an RN? I have to check something off and there's no "none" option unfortunately, which is where I got stuck.
  4. Hi all! I'm a new grad applying to my first job. I've come across a couple questions on job applications that ask something along the lines of "Indicate all areas in which you have Nursing work experience" and then have check boxes with various specialties and nursing skills. All the times I've encountered this question, I could not select "none" despite the job not requiring experience. Should I be checking off every rotation I had during school? Or just use my preceptorship? What if I had extensive experience with, say, oncology patients on my medical-surgical preceptorship - could I select oncology as an area I have experience? Thanks all for your help.
  5. Hi all! I recently passed my NCLEX-RN and am beginning to go into full-time job hunting mode. Since I'm a new graduate, I have limited things to put on my resume. Currently, I have listed out under my "Experience" header some various one-time volunteering events I've participated in throughout nursing school. I thought it would be important to have these to help illustrate my leadership/educational/professional skills and highlight my extracurriculars. These events have all been through our school's chapter of our state's student nursing association, but were optional to sign up for and participate in them. Additionally, I helped lead some of the events. My resume is about a page and a half, so I have the room to leave them on. Since they're not exactly "verifiable," are they better left off and included in a cover letter?