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Should I e-mail the nurse director of a unit I'm going to apply to?

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Hi everyone! I'm a new grad and went to a career fair about a month ago where I networked with the assistant nurse director of a unit I want to work on. However, at the time of meeting her, I had already received a notification that I was a viable applicant but they had gone with someone else for the positions. I e-mailed the assistant director later that day to follow up and talk about how it was great to meet her and re-iterate how interested I was to work on one of her units. I also asked if it would be ok if I e-mailed her in the future to let her know that I was applying if any future positions opened up. I didn't get a response (I'm sure she's very busy).

Now, there's a position that has recently opened up that's more specific to new grads. I want to e-mail her and let her know that I sent in an application - would it come off as too annoying since she never responded to my prior e-mail? She was very friendly and receptive when I met her at the job fair if that makes a difference.

Thanks for your help!

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Yes, you should email her and, if you can, be specific about what you talked about when you met, to jar her memory of you. Good luck!

How did you get her email address? If she handed you her business card or directly gave it to you I say go for it. Do keep it short and to the point though, as managers receive crazy amounts of emails. Good luck to you as well!