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  1. Mandein

    WakeMed Wage and Shift Diff?

    Never did unfortunately
  2. Looking for information on ICUs in the Hampton VA or Richmond VA areas. I have family in both these parts and after getting some years of experience outside of the state under my belt, I'm looking to move back home. I was hoping for any information on which SICUs have good work conditions and cultures that any of you might have experience with. In particular, I'm looking to work for the Bon Secours, VCU, or Sentara health systems. Anyone with knowledge of nurse quality of life information like nurse-to-patient ratios (vents per nurse, CRRTs per nurse, etc.), ancillary teams (i.e. Foley catheter/urology technicians, blood draw/IV placement technicians, EKG technicians), break times, wage ballparks and shift differentials would be greatly appreciated. Private messages are fine too.
  3. Anyone know what WakeMed pays per hour and what the shift differentials are? Thanks!