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WakeMed Wage and Shift Diff?

Mandein Mandein (New) New

Anyone know what WakeMed pays per hour and what the shift differentials are?


I'm curious what the starting pay at WakeMed and other local hospitals are as well... Did you ever find out?

Never did unfortunately

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I don't know exactly, I don't work there, but I DO know they have the highest weekend/weekend night differentials. I believe weekend nights are $16. A friend said that she has to work one weeked/month, but she will sign up for being on-call for the weekends because not only does she get the differential, but she also gets time and a half if called in.

I believe WakeMed has the highest differentials, but I have no idea about starting salaries. I was offered a PRN job there and they offered me about $0.50 more than what I was getting at my FT job.

There are lots of nurses that moonlight at some of the other facilities so the pay cannot be too different from one to the other. Plenty of money to be made in this area. They are very short nurses and I could work overtime every week if I wanted too. I try to do one extra each pay period. I haven't had to go to a different facility yet. HTH, since I am not looking, I don't have exact figures.