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Keeperofthebandaids has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. Keeperofthebandaids

    Tired kids!

    Those were the numbers I was looking for! Thank you ARN!!
  2. Keeperofthebandaids

    Tired kids!

    Thank you all for your input! I guess I was looking for a handout I could send home to the parent with the suggested hours of sleep for different ages!
  3. Keeperofthebandaids

    Tired kids!

    Happy Monday! Already today I have seen a kinder that reports being up at 10pm and a 3rd grader up at 4am watching Youtube! Of course they have a headache! Anyone have a good handout with sleep education for children?
  4. Keeperofthebandaids

    Wiping bottoms

    Thank you for all your input! I am definitely going to at least call the parent before I assist. I have insisted that my 3rd grader go to the doctor. He has an appointment on Thursday. He has a 504 for "elimination disorder". So apparently he has been to the doctor 3 years ago. I really the idea of having doctor's orders. That would require at least a yearly talk with the doctor. The counselor just said, "he has a 504, so we can't do anything!" That can't be right. He sat in here this morning for almost 2 hours waiting for his mom to bring more diapers. Middle school is looking better all the time!
  5. Keeperofthebandaids

    Wiping bottoms

    So, in my previous district, if a student had a bm in the pants they had to go home, get cleaned up and then they could be brought back to school. In my current district, nurses do the wiping and changing. I am all about the customer service, but I am finding myself currently potty training a 3rd grader who wears diapers to school. He is not being potty trained at home. In this day and age, I really don't feel comfortable spending this much time in the bathroom with a 10 year old boy. I would like to approach my boss about this, but I thought I should do my research. What is your district policy?
  6. Keeperofthebandaids

    What now!

    Put on a health fair!
  7. Keeperofthebandaids

    Disaster day

    We only have two half days left of the year. I thought it would be a little crazy but the kids would be happy partying in their classrooms. I was hoping to be able to get a few end of the year things done. NOT! We had an electrical fire and had to evacuate. Firemen, hose, smoke... we saw it all! Everything was fine. THEN just after early dismissal we had a tornado in the area! I sheltered in place with a feverish friend who never got picked up for about an hour. Again, everything is fine! I am grateful that everyone is safe and going home! There was a reason why I read Psalm 91 this morning! So happy to be going home is a few minutes and even happier that SUMMER is that much closer! Stay safe!
  8. Keeperofthebandaids

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Congratulations! You will be missed!!
  9. Keeperofthebandaids

    Show me...

    I don't have any pictures to share, but Pinterest has a bunch a great ideas!
  10. Keeperofthebandaids

    Medical room goodies?

    I give out toothbrushes for Halloween. That has been fun!
  11. Keeperofthebandaids

    Natural Consequences

    So, last week I had a third grader with pepper spray in her backpack. It accidentally got bumped and went off in the classroom. Her grandmother "bought it at the Dollar Store" and put it in her bag so she could safely walk home from the bus. Ugh... One student vomited. I could feel it in my throat just walking into the room. Can you really by that at the Dollar Store? If so, there might be more incidents!
  12. Keeperofthebandaids

    Countdown to Spring Break.....

    One more hour! And there is a Spirit rally keeping everyone very entertained! I am golden! Have a great break! You deserve it!
  13. Keeperofthebandaids

    Phone Calls

    This is great info! I have a question about emailing parents.. how much information do you send them? I stick to phone calls because I don't want to send personal, written health info to the wrong person. But it is getting harder to reach people by phone.
  14. Keeperofthebandaids

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    ADD medicine capsule found in Kinder's pocket. Called mom. "Oh, I was sending that home with him for Grandma to give it to him after school." The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
  15. Keeperofthebandaids

    Storybook Character Day Nurse ideas?

    The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon was a hit! Except for the kids that called me a doctor, it was a fun time! The book has been added to my little library too. Thanks for your suggestions!
  16. Keeperofthebandaids

    Storybook Character Day Nurse ideas?

    So many great ideas! I think I am going with The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon, as long as Amazon delivers on time! Thank you!!!

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