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  1. I'm on a similar boat. I'm about to start at my 3rd hospital since May 2017. Basically 1st was ICU new grad, night shift, and 2-hr each way commute so I left for quality of life. (Couldn't sleep and constantly anxious). Second hospital is great (currently employed)- it was easy to explain away the 10 month stay at prior hospital and I got 5 offers from different hospitals that time around. I'm coming up on a year with this second place but found out EVERYONE (even the new grads I'm training) is getting paid more than I am. I spoke up but they just put me at the same rate as the new grads so I got upset and did job searching. Got an offer right away (it's 10 min away from my husband's apt so we can finally move back in together, another plus to move). BUT we will have to move again when my husband finishes school...which means I'll have to look for hospital #4 in 3 years. I'm very nervous about what the 4th hospital will say. I THINK I'll be able to explain it away IF I get the interview but I'm sure it looks bad. Anyone who wants to share their experiences, please do! I'm happy to share more if you have any questions. This time around I got my one offer super fast (an hour after I interviewed)...but I got fewer offers this time. Partially because I couldn't commit/lie during the interview and make it seem like I was gonna stay long term (since I know I'm moving once my husband finishes school).
  2. jayNewRN

    Anybody work as an RN at ARROYO GRANDE HOSPITAL??

    Hi there, I know this is an old post but I wanted to ask how things turned out. Did you take the job and work there? What was your experience and what unit did you work on? I am considering relocating and was wondering about this hospital. They are such a small community hospital though! I'm not used to that. I have just under 2 years experience (in ICU and float pool). Hope you can share your thoughts/experience...or anyone else who has worked here?
  3. jayNewRN

    Beverly Hospital

    Did you accept and start working at Beverly?! If so, congrats. I just got an offer in ICU. Can you tell me how you feel about the hospital? PM is great if you can! Thanks soo much!
  4. jayNewRN

    Med Surg vs OR as a New Grad, HELP!

    Hi OP, What did you choose?? I'm guessing OR. Either way, congrats! If you chose Beverly can you please PM or comment about how work has been? I'm trying to find out more about the work culture at Beverly because I'm considering an offer. THANKS!!
  5. Hello all, I have interviews at USC Verdugo Hilld and PIH does anyone have input about working there, specifically as an RN? (Specifically for ICU/CCU?) What's the culture like? Pay, benefits, ANYTHING would be great! Thanks!!
  6. jayNewRN

    Beverly Hospital in Montebello

    Help! Does anyone work at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, CA? I have an interview there and it seems to be a very small community hospital so it has been difficult to find info about the work culture/environment there. I would love to learn about benefits, pay, also but mainly the environment (if the RN/Dr and team in general work well together, good learning environment, etc.) Thank you so much!!!
  7. jayNewRN

    Lost newish grad

    Hi everyone! I really feel for you, OP. I am in a similar situation. I am a new grad about 9 months into my first job...in the ICU. I have had 2 performance evals and the first was "you're doing a good job, you're still new and need to improve on this..." but the most recent one broke my spirit. I racked up overtime (more than other new grads on the floor)...not too ridiculous, I think...like 2-3 hrs per pay period (which is like an avg of 30min per shift) mainly to scramble on charting. Some items mentioned I can completely understand needing to work on- time management, better communication with doctors/charge RN, more proactive with asking for orders/knowing what med to request...but it felt so soul-crushing to hear them say things like they were concerned for a patient's safety under my watch. Also, some negative items on my eval were when I ask experienced RNs for advice on an issue and followed their advice! I was so heartbroken, disappointed in myself, and also annoyed with certain things that I felt were not my fault. (A nurse complained about my colostomy bag leaking...I watched her replace my bag and she put the new bag on the exact same way I did!) The hospital is very far from my house...and I recently got an interview for a hospital (also ICU) 5 minutes away from home. (I know I have no offer YET...but I'm just thinking it over...) I'm torn. I don't want to be a sore loser/quitter in leaving my current hospital after a bad eval especially since this hospital is much bigger, probably has more high acuity pts/ better learning experience, (better benefits), and newer technology/equipment, and the team is very knowledgeable and nice (some of them). 5 min drive vs 1.5-2hr drive is tempting though. Any advice? I've even considered that I'm not cut out for ICU or should go lower acuity to get more experience then switch later if I want?
  8. Hi guys, Just thought I'd post here so someone can benefit from my loss. :) I have $150 gift certificates (one $100 and one $50) that I got as gifts...but my hospital has uniforms so I don't need to buy scrubs. This is to Scrub Mart in San Diego (Chula Vista, La Mesa, and San Marcos). I can sell both, $150 for $130 so you save $20. Let me know if you're interested!
  9. jayNewRN

    Bad Preceptors?

    Hi guys, Not posting this due to a current "bad preceptor" issue personally. I have had one bad preceptor who comes to mind however - he worked at a well known, prestigious magnet hospital. The reason I say he was "bad" was because any time I asked a standard nursing question he would admit to not knowing the answer and show no interest in learning the answer with me/helping me with resources to learn the answer...and other times when I wanted to help "practice" a nursing skill (and help a patient) he would claim that the task should be left for day shift not nights. Did not offer constructive criticism/feedback, etc. Can anyone share bad preceptor stories or tips/ experiences on what you have done to fix the problem? Very interested to hear your thoughts/ insights/ funny stories.
  10. Congratulations, bsinkler and tink.0814!!! I'm soo excited for you guys!! Thanks for asking how my interview went, bsinkler, I actually canceled it last week because I accepted the ICU/CCU position at Northridge. I kinda wish I interviewed still...CHMC is closer to my sister's house than Northridge is lol ...and I would've had the chance to work with you guys (if I got an offer)!! I can't send private messages here since I haven't posted enough but if you guys want to trade info about our offers let me know!
  11. Really excited for you guys! Let me know how the interviews go and if anyone gets an offer/accepts! Good luck everyone!
  12. jayNewRN

    Northridge RN residency may 2017

    Anyone else hear back?! :)
  13. Hi Everyone, I will be starting at Northridge Hospital next month. Can anyone share your experiences or thoughts about the hospital? Anything would be great. (Do you work nights/days? Thoughts about a unit / management / patient population / benefits / salary / hospital overall). Thanks!!
  14. But I have cute Thanksgiving scrubs to wear! haha (That was seriously the first thought I had when you mentioned the uniform). That's really great that they offer free scrubs...they're color coded so you know a team member is from RT/ CNA, etc. Did you hear anything from the recruiter?
  15. GOOD LUCK! Which do you think you'd rather take- the medsurg or L&D? Do you know if they wear uniforms or their own scrubs? I wasn't expecting to hear from them until next week with all the talk about interviews on 4/28. (I talked to HR prior to the posts about 4/28 interviews and she said they will wait for all interviews to be complete before giving an offer to be fair- you might be waiting for that reason.) L&D would be exciting!!