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  1. prenursing359

    Career options for MSN?

    I am a new grad and started out my nursing career in a very intense, high acuity cardiac ICU. I attended a 2 year nursing program that was a master's entry to nursing practice program, so I came out of nursing school with an MSN. Orientation for my hospital is 12 weeks long and the expectations were very high. At the end of week 9, the management and I decided that maybe it would be best for me to start my career on the cardiac step-down unit so I am in the process of transitioning there. It was very difficult learning how to be a nurse and how to be a good cardiac ICU nurse at the same time. They feel that the step-down will be a better start for me. The funny thing is I moved here from out of state due to this ICU position. However, in just those 9 weeks, I realized that I enjoy stability in my work environment and I get overwhelmed by all the curveballs thrown my way during a typical work day in this busy ICU. My initial plan was to work in the ICU and become a great ICU nurse first and then apply to CRNA schools. However, now I'm thinking that maybe ICU in general or CRNA is not the best career choice for me. I love learning about critical care but the uncertainty and lack of stability scares me. For example, I get very nervous when my patient suddenly goes into A.fib or they start to desat and I almost feel like I don't know what to do. I am considering maybe going a different route instead after getting some experience on the floor like perhaps management or health administration? Maybe even nurse research? I know little about these career opportunities and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some advice and/or insight into these options? Thanks!
  2. prenursing359

    DePaul MENP Fall 2017

    Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all a little hope if you are freaking out like I was, but I actually just found out I got accepted into the Fall for the LP campus! I emailed Depaul today and they emailed back saying that I could receive my decision over the phone if I called. So happy! There's still hope!
  3. prenursing359

    DePaul MENP Fall 2017

    no not sure what to think haha. I guess they have to let us know tomorrow though!
  4. prenursing359

    DePaul MENP Fall 2017

    Hi everyone! Has anyone heard anything regarding a decision today or last week? I received an email at the end of March saying that decisions would be sent by April 13, but just wondering if anyone has heard anything since. My application wasn't fully complete, due to a letter of rec I was waiting on, until Jan 31. I'm just wondering if that is affecting the decision making.

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