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To stay or to move?

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I know there are more important things going on in the world right now...* cough Corona.. but I also know that this too shall pass and I still look forward to the future. With that being said... I recently moved here for a job in the CCU as a new grad. After 8 weeks of orientation, the management and I decided it was best for me to start my career in the cardiac step down unit. While I loved the ICU, I was not ready to work in that environment as a new grad, not to mention it was very much a "sink or swim" mentaIity on the unit. Orientation was a total of 10 weeks and it was difficult learning how to be a nurse and a cardiology ICU nurse at the same time. I have been working in the step-down since. While I enjoy the step-down, I don't feel that I am learning as much as I did in the ICU. I do enjoy talking to patients, and don't get me wrong I still learn something new every day. However, I miss the ICU environment. I am not allowed to transfer within my hospital system unit I've been on a unit for 2 years (I was an exception at 8 weeks because it was before my 90 days of hire). My end goal is to be a CRNA after getting a solid foundation in nursing. My question is, do I work another year in the step-down and apply for another ICU position in order to stay within my hospital system or should I completely move hospitals and apply elsewhere so that I can start working in an ICU sooner? Curious to hear your thoughts. While I enjoy the hospital I work at, I don't know if it's worth waiting another year to apply for an ICU position. And on the other side, am I willing to potentially move again to further my career sooner. I am also 25 years old (nursing is a second degree) and I think this definitely puts more pressure on my situation. I don't want to be still in school when I am thirty (LOL). Thanks in advance for the input!

edit: I am not allowed to transfer units within the hospital system until I've been on a unit for 2 years*

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I would stay where you are if you like the facility. 2 years of stepdown will really help you not only get great experience but it will make you a great candidate for ICU. 2 years goes by quick, I promise 🙂