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Corpsman2OncRN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. Corpsman2OncRN

    Ready to leave bedside after only 1 year?

    Thanks everyone for the responses! I will try to respond to the questions on my next day off, but I appreciate everyone’s input and suggestions
  2. Corpsman2OncRN

    Ready to leave bedside after only 1 year?

    If you work 24 hours you are entitled to a four hour break so we usually will go to sleep for those four hours which is a help. But I agree that it is dangerous and myself have only done it twice when the night shift staffing was so abysmal that I could not in good conscience leave. For time off, if you were supposed to work the next day you would get the day off but this cycle of RN's doing 24's has then left the day shift short because the night shift was short so it's like no matter what we're all screwed. SO frustrating! I do enjoy bedside but I just feel like maybe I need a break right now. I've thought about outpatient chemo since I do like oncology...that might be something for me to look into. Thank you!
  3. Corpsman2OncRN

    Ready to leave bedside after only 1 year?

    I'm an inpatient oncology RN working in NYC and just had my one-year anniversary in December (first nursing job). I love oncology, I love my patients (well...most of the time, anyway :p), and I love almost all of the RN's and PCA's I work with. However, over the past several weeks I have grown increasingly worn out and truly dread walking into work. I have so much anxiety now about how short-staffed we will be (repeated staff "high-risk" exposures leading to two-week quarantines have left those of us picking up the slack exhausted and often having to work 24-hour shifts). I'm an anxious person by nature, but it has been so much worse lately to the point where it's hard for me to even find the bright spots during a shift or for me to find that "why I'm doing this" feeling that can usually carry me through. I feel that I still have so much to learn working bedside, but so many of my coworkers are leaving and it's making me feel like I want to do the same as things just seem to be getting worse and worse and more responsibilities dumped on us to the point that I feel like my license, and worse, my patients' safety, are all in jeopardy because of unsafe ratios and new policies like not allowing patients to be on a one-to-one unless they are suicidal (not that we often have one-to-ones, but delusional/non-redirectable patients can't be managed by a camera especially when half the time the camera operators don't even alert us when something is happening, and Q20min checks are just unrealistic for one person to keep up with all day while still trying to take care of the rest of their patients). I feel like if I leave the bedside now, I won't ever come back, and so I am hesitant to do so and miss out on increasing my knowledge and skills when I'm a still relatively new nurse. I also feel awful when I look at the nurses who have been working bedside for like 30 years and think to myself that I can't even make it to two years before needing a break. But I can't even enjoy my free time anymore; I'm either exhausted from work and sleeping it off or spending the day dreading going back and seeing what kind of nightmare awaits me. I am currently in counseling (not specifically because of this, just for general depression/anxiety), just as an FYI if anyone wanted to suggest that. I don't even really know what I'm asking here but I guess I am wondering what people's thoughts are and whether it would be a mistake for me to leave the bedside now, so early in my career, just because I am feeling stressed? Just to reiterate, I *do* enjoy being a bedside nurse, it's just that this whole year has been so hard with COVID and getting inappropriate-for-our-floor admissions and policy changes that throw more work on the nurses and staffing shortages etc. etc. etc... I know many of these problems are just the realities of working inpatient but I feel like I'm at my wits end here. Any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  4. Corpsman2OncRN

    RN roles in Harm Reduction

    I'm currently an RN working inpatient oncology with about one year of experience, and while I love my job, I am extremely interested in the field of Harm Reduction and wondering if anyone is aware of what kind of roles or opportunities there may be for RN's in this specialty? I lost my best friend to a heroin overdose which sparked my interest in the field and in things like syringe exchange programs and safe injection sites, etc. The recent decriminalization of drug use in Oregon has excited me and I hope that more job opportunities start to pop up for those in healthcare fields looking to work with drug users but at the moment I'm kind of at a loss for how to get my foot in the door (aside from working at a substance use rehabilitation facility which isn't exactly what I'm looking for). Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help point me in the right direction! 🙂 PS: I should add, although I have no RN experience working in the field of substance use disorders, I did work as a behavioral health technician while in the Navy in both inpatient and outpatient mental health, with many of our inpatients there as a first stop before being placed in our substance abuse treatment programs, so I am somewhat familiar with that side of things as well.
  5. Nursing is a second career for me, but I am a new grad nurse about three months into my first job and as the title implies, I absolutely CANNOT stop thinking about work! The problem is that I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I dream about work every single night, and when I’m off it’s all that’s on my mind. I wake up in the morning with the names of chemo drugs floating around in my brain. I zone out in the middle of conversations with family/friends and start thinking about my patients. No matter what I’m doing or when or where I can’t seem to escape these work thoughts constantly running in the background, like having a song stuck in your head. I’m certain that I’m not alone here, but I am desperate for any advice anyone may have to help me at LEAST keep my waking mind on the moment and not back at the hospital (the dreams are a whole other beast to tackle). I love my job, I love my coworkers and manager, I love the hospital, and I love taking care of patients...I just don’t like that all of those things follow me home every night and stay with me until I walk back onto the floor to start the next shift. Please help keep me from losing my mind! ETA: I mentioned nursing being a second career because I've never had this problem with another job (of course, I've never had a job quite like this before either!).
  6. Corpsman2OncRN

    Nurse Managers: Showing initiative, or being creepy?

    Thank you all! I appreciate the insight. I agree that if I were on the receiving end I’d probably find it a bit off-putting...just wanted to make sure I’m not alone there, haha! Cause really at this point I’m ready to try ANYthing to get hired.
  7. Hello all! I am a new grad nurse spending my days filling out application after application, and I have a question for any nurse/hiring managers or recruiters who may be out there (any anyone else's opinion is welcome, too!). If you've spoken with an applicant on the phone and given them your full name, would you find it weird if they sent you a request to connect on LinkedIn, or would that give you the impression that they really have an interest in this job and are trying to be proactive? I feel like I don't really know much about "LinkedIn etiquette," but I am trying to do anything possible to keep my name on these managers' brains so that hopefully I'll be getting a call with a job offer soon! But I also don't want to cross any boundaries and come across as kind of a creep... Thoughts/opinions are appreciated! Thanks for reading. 🙂
  8. Corpsman2OncRN

    White nursing school shoes

    I wear Sketchers work shoes (Work: Relaxed Fit - Eldred SR) -- when I look on their website I only see black but I got mine in white last year so I'm sure if you look around you can find them. I find them to be really comfortable, they are slip-resistant and easy to maintain.
  9. Corpsman2OncRN

    Where were you...9/11

    In 8th grade social studies class. One of the other 8th grade teachers ran into our classroom and told our teacher to turn on the TV after the first tower had been hit. We sat and watched everything unfolding on TV until the second tower was hit; at that point our teacher turned it off to prevent the students from seeing any more horrible live footage. Shortly after that we were dismissed early from school as we were not far from NYC. The first time I saw the 9/11 Memorial it truly took my breath away just standing there, remembering that day and imagining all of it unfolding in that very spot. It really is a beautiful tribute.
  10. Corpsman2OncRN

    NYU ABSN Fall 2018

    Hey, congrats to everyone starting the program next month! I'm going into my 3rd sequence in the fall and am currently selling my first sequence textbooks before I move apartments. Send me a message here or an email at: am4502 at nyu dot edu and I can send photos of the books I have + price. Thanks!
  11. Corpsman2OncRN

    NYU ABSN Fall 2017

    No problem! The accelerated program is only 4 semesters so if you're starting next spring you should finish spring 2019.
  12. Corpsman2OncRN

    NYU ABSN Fall 2017

    Hey, couldn't access what you posted but it looks like the same thing I'm linking you to below which runs from the current semester to Summer 2019. Accelerated and traditional students have the same schedule except traditional students don't attend classes in the summer. https://nyu.app.box.com/s/8frntykci6a11xu1vnxnpoaynavh6dqh
  13. Corpsman2OncRN

    Military Reserve Nurse

    There's a NOSC in Louisville, KY depending on how far you're willing to travel. I have about an hour and a half commute to my reserve unit but any travel over 50 miles and you will get berthing for the weekend which makes it a little easier. However I've been brainwashed into believing Navy Medicine is best so my opinion is biased
  14. Corpsman2OncRN

    GI bill

    I would wait if I were you, especially given the length of the CRNA program. My perspective is a little different because I was enlisted while AD (reservist now) so tuition assistance didn't come with any additional obligated service but my last semester in I wasn't eligible for TA anyway since my EAOS date came mid-semester and I paid out of pocket rather than dip into my Post-9/11 while still active because it really seems like you just aren't getting your money's worth to start using either GI bill until you leave the service or go reserve since the benefit is based on months and not number of credits. Also I wouldn't feel too bad about turning down Montgomery. I actually paid into it but when the time came, I chose to go with Post-9/11 (thus losing my Montgomery benefit) because in my situation Post-9/11 paid way more. It all depends on your school and living arrangements and both benefits have their pros and cons.
  15. Corpsman2OncRN

    Finding work after termination?

    Thank you Recovering_RN; your response really means a lot. It has definitely been hard on her emotionally and the feelings of letting everyone down, etc. I really appreciate the advice and will share with her. Things are looking good right now in terms of the PRN job turning into something more; she was asked to come in to discuss setting up additional training on their systems & schedule availability so, fingers crossed!
  16. Corpsman2OncRN

    Finding work after termination?

    If it's not appropriate I have no problem with it being moved or deleted. I've just seen some threads here about people looking for work after losing their jobs and although this situation isn't the same I didn't know where else to ask. ETA: I do appreciate the responses though. This thread was me grasping at straws trying to find some advice for a friend and I know it probably seems trivial in the grand scheme of things but a loss of income for someone raising a family is all the more unsettling when it feels like there's this giant roadblock in the way of future job prospects.