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  1. Thats a fantastic idea. Im working and going to school at night for my LPN. I am field service tech so i drive a lot. I need this to allocate my studying better. Did you just a buy a recorder?
  2. For me i just wasn't at the maturity level i needed to be at. So i am trying again at 27 with a family and 2 more kids. Starting with my LPN then moving to my RN. It all depends on everyone's personal life situation and how they handle it. Some people dropped out already because of issues with work or home life tragedies.
  3. VetRobRN

    I'm Scared of Getting Fired

    A lot of engineering people switching into nursing. I joined the Navy and was a engineer. Then i got out and started a family still Working as a cogeneration mechanic. When i left, i looked back at my time as a surgeons aide in Africa, i loved every bit and was the highlight of my career. I knew i wanted to pursue nursing. Since i had a family it was quite difficult to find a nursing program and working crazy hours always traveling. Since my wife is going to school for social work and i just couldn't do anything except take pre requisites. Which i did but, i came to the realization (sort of) that it just wouldn't be possible. After trying to bury it, it would periodically come back and then overwhelm me. So, i said screw this, i looked for a lpn program and finally found one that meets my schedule. So i start in October and will work during the day. So happy i was able to do this. The funny thing is i make almost six figures with my job now and it will dramatically drop once i get my license. Which im totally fine with, i love nursing and happiness is not about money. Except my father is like why would you do such a thing? you make good money. What he is saying dont take a risk or try and jump, you may fail and take your family down with you. Not to mention i have a great support system (my wife). Dad, these jobs in the engineering world make me freaking miserable and its cut throat. Not to mention the stupid amount of testosterone you have to bolster and carry around at all times. The one thing is being able to manage my family life, job, and school/clinicals at the same time. I wont except failure.
  4. VetRobRN

    Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student

    When i was a medic in the military their were some of my colleagues who were gay. All of them acted professional and cared about the best interest of their patient. To me that's all i care about. We are all adults and i respect someone who advocates regardless of what you do in your free time. Just keep trucking along and do the thing we all like which is nursing.
  5. VetRobRN

    Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student

    I am still in school and i dont discriminate to someones orientation. I have served with awesome gay people in the military and they go above and beyond their call to action. I respect work ethics and professionalism in the workplace. Above all your paitient should be number one in my book. Good luck and only you know whats truly in your heart.
  6. VetRobRN

    Confident in clinicals - but hard to relate

    I am 26 and all my classes even before my core classes were all women with kids. I was and still am a father with kids and a girlfriend. Honestly all i see is alot of drama that i dont want to be involved in. I involve myself who as serious as i am about saving lives and putting the patient first. I could care less about anything else. I am here to better myself and my family so i wold honestly do some soul searching to see if this is what you truly want and not about your fellow classmates which you may never see again. good luck and like everyone else has said, "eyes on the prize"
  7. VetRobRN

    Article 15 and BSN future?

    Brother, I also got a NJP, i got 30 days of restriction and 30 days extra duty. 9 times out of ten these are purely internal, punishments within the command. It seems you had a oops and no will ever find out about these considering they are not on your DD-214. Go on with your life with these memories in your rear view mirror, only to look at occasionally to reflect on what not to do. Keep kicking a@@ and taking names. Become the best health care provider you can be for your patients. And always Freedom the F*** on!