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    NRSNG.com $20 off code!

    Hello! It is pretty late and I figured for a first post, I will share a goodie with those that are about to start their nursing classes or they're already in nursing school and they are struggling. Go go check out NRSNG.com and also, if you have an apple device, look up NRSNG in the podcasts app. You may also be able to find in android as well. If you have unfair professors that seriously don't know how to teach or do their job, NRSNG.com can help fill that gap. There's a 200% money back guarantee if you fail the NCLEX as well. There's NCLEX prep stuff available on the site! The founder is an actively practiting RN, so it's not some weirdo trying to teach you nursing topics. If you have questions about NRSNG.com, leave them for me below and I will make sure to respond to you! Please se don't be negative. I know there's a saying about "nurses eat their young", but what should never happen is, "professors eat their nursing students." I have had a bad bad situation with a BSN professor where it seemed like she got a high off of failing students. Before you assume anything, it didn't matter what any of us did to succeed in her class- she wanted us all to fail! Before you assume I am whining, I'll have you know she got fired last week along with the dean and the campus president because that crap was going on for the past few years. So no- it's her, not me. Anyway, I hope NRSNG.com can be of great help to you all. You don't have to be confused. You don't have to be left to "figure it all out by yourself". You have to be taught everything; it's not about you teaching yourself. Please check out NRSNG.com if you're interested and explore the website, read around on there. They have NRSNG Academy where you pay $49 monthly for 9 months, then after that it's free for life. There's always new content on there! They have brain sheets, cheat sheets, everything you can think of. After subscribing, I've become a big supporter of this concept because students pay to go to nursing school and learn. Professors are not doing their job if they're reading word for word from PowerPoints and then calling it a day. That's so wrong on so many levels. Anyway, enough of my rambling! If you decide you like NRSNG.com and you plan to subscribe, I have a $20 off code! The good news is you have 3 days to try it out for $1 and see if you like it or not, no pressure! Let me know know if you have any questions! Please keep negative comments to yourself. This is a tool for others if they need it. NRSNG: Code: REFWBXJGUW90F https://www.nrsng.com/academy/ All the best, Zahra